ARC Squadron: Redux

ARC Squadron: Redux

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    ene 13, 2014

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  • T. Fergason

    T. Fergason

    Reviewed in Space, Aliens, Robots and Mecha

    A Star Fox like linear space shooter with fantastic visuals and enormous bosses. A worthy successor to Star Fox itself. Recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Miles Henderson

    Miles Henderson

    Reviewed in Game Over Mann, Game Over

    All the reviews that I had read about this game made me think that it was going to suck. Well, I'm happy to say that they were all wrong. Even though there is no accelerometer control at the time of writing, this is still one of the best 3D shooters for android. Time to put down starfox 64 on your emulators..

  • Big Mark

    Big Mark


    Nice game smooth gameplay


TouchArcade - ***** (5 stars)
"With a ton of content, smooth controls and visuals worth talking about, there's little to not enjoy about ARC Squadron. Do yourself a favor and give it a try." G4TV - Game of the Week

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"There are no two ways about this. Everyone needs to play Arc Squadron, and they need to play it now."

Kotaku - Gaming App Of The Day
"ARC Squadron is a delight."

Digital Spy
"In many ways Arc Squadron is a better sequel to Star Fox 64 than the official games that followed it, making it a must-have for mobile space combat fans."
"Not very often does a newcomer impress, quite to the level that ARC Squadron has"

"Gorgeous graphics, upbeat music, and fantastic level design"

"You should definitely play and enjoy this impressively polished shooter"

An evil race known as the Guardians is taking over the universe, ravaging planets, and killing all peaceful life forms. You are the galaxy's only hope for salvation. As an elite pilot serving in the ARC Squadron, you are tasked to take on the Guardians in head-to-head combat and bring down their empire.

With simple one-touch controls, you can shoot, blast, and annihilate enemy forces to hunt down each of the nine Guardian lords and destroy them once and for all. The ultimate battle for the galaxy is nigh. Are you on board?

* Stunning graphics, optimized for high resolution displays
* Massive sixty level campaign
* More than twenty unique environments
* Fifteen challenge levels
* Nine boss battles
* Six upgradeable ships, with unlockable ship skins
* Eight upgradeable weapons
* Game Services leaderboards and achievements