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  • Pierre Halleux

    Pierre Halleux

    Reviewed in Food App


  • Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Reviewed in Things to Do, Places to Go…

    The check-in and social features from Foursquare are a separate app now. Unfortunately, the option to make check-ins private seems to be missing. I want the badges and all. But, I don't think my friends need to know EVERY TIME I check into the neighbourhood supermarket. [Yes, I do that.] Speaking of badges, the old points system seems to have been scrapped. You compete only against your friends rather than the whole world now. Also, the app is now coloured oranges and yellows. [Darn bees and beeswax everywhere...] On a more positive note, friends' locations (as of their last check-in) are shown at a glance organised by distance. There is also the option to constantly share one's vague location. This should make planning meetups easier. By the way, there's also provision to plan meetups.

  • Thomas Hunsaker

    Thomas Hunsaker

    Reviewed in Foursquare Apps!

    Checkin here, instead of Foursquare...or just keep using Simple Check-in it is quicker. :)

  • ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    Reviewed in احمد العمودي لشروحات الاندرويد

    تطبيق جديد من شركة Foursquare سيساعدك في التعرف على الأصدقاء المتواجدين بالقرب منك كما يتيح لك التعرف على أصدقاء جدد من نفس منطقتك، وهو تطبيق إجتماعي جيد للغاية. تطبيق Swarm مليء بالمزايا الهامة مثل خصائص المشاركة والرسائل وهناك أيضًا ميزة جيدة تمك...

  • Roel Umali Hernandez

    Roel Umali Hernandez

    Reviewed in Socials

    The new Foursquare!


Keep track of your adventures and turn every day into a game! With Foursquare Swarm you can celebrate your accomplishments with stickers and coins, and unlock real-world perks and experiences at the places you go. Stay connected to your inner explorer and have more fun along the way. Live your life more checked in.
•Easier than ever to lifelog. Check in to keep track of where you've been and remember who you've hung out with. After you check in we’ll show you interesting little insights like: “That’s 5 weeks in a row at bars!” or “That’s your 25th time hanging out with Courtney!” Keep track of important milestones every time you check in.
•Can't remember a specific location? We've got you covered. This app can track places for you, then you can easily search your check-in history to find exactly what you're looking for. It will remember the places you go for you.
•Think you’re a local? Check in and try to earn the title of “Mayor” at your favorite spots. But be careful, others will be coming for that crown. “I checkin and compete to become mayor of my local bar. I love that Foursquare Swarm makes average real life things fun.” - Melissa, Swarm user
*Meet up with friends. Share your location with a check-in and see friends nearby. A serendipitous check-in can help you find friends when you’re out and about.
*Don’t have any friends nearby? Not a problem! Not only is this app a great way to lifelog for yourself, but to keep track of your friends’ adventures as well, no matter how far far away they are.
*A note on battery. We’ve spent *years* developing the location technology that powers Foursquare Swarm, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.