Castle Clash: Age of Legends

Castle Clash: Age of Legends

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    nov 2, 2015

Castle Clash: Age of Legends Revisiones

  • Alexi


    Reviewed in Best games

    Very addictive strategy game. Go trough dungeons and smash enemies!

  • COol GameS

    COol GameS

    Reviewed in Pixel gun 3D lite

    Its cool

  • Florencia Eneke
  • Jayshia Madames

    Jayshia Madames

    Reviewed in uSeek uNeek Android Games

    I'm not usually a fan of battle games. In fact, I normally flick through them to something else... but Castle Clash was like this guy who already had me hooked with his sexy eyes. Then he started talking to me and I realized there's so much more to him. The more he spoke, the more I wanted to know.. The more he revealed of himself, the more I wanted to unravel.. Did I loose you? Sorry! Let me try something else.. Ever met a candy bar that you wanted to get to know in Every way? Well, Castle Clash was like that. It had layers.. that I wanted to get to know. Each learned layer, only made me eager to peel it away to get to the next. I was lured in by it's amazing graphics, and then the game play itself. Fortify your territory by hiring and training leagues of heroes, wizards, tree men, and other mystical characters to protect what's yours. (It's pretty funny watching people try to get through my defenses.Ha!) Then, you can either lead them into battle against other online players, or embark on unthinkable adventures to win wares to invest in your army.

  • T. Fergason

    T. Fergason

    Reviewed in Fantasy and Dark Fantasy

    A real-time strategy game similar to the original Warcraft series. The graphics and gameplay are optimized for touch controls which is much appreciated. Highly recommended.

  • Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse Rodriguez

    Reviewed in Games and apps for you

    Castle Clash is almost like clash of clans. Its maybe may take a few hours to get coins and etc. it may freeze depending on how slow or fast your phone is. This game is good

  • LahTiger


    Reviewed in Epic games & apps of all time

    I actually find it so much better than clash of clans, if you install both you will see that castle clash is just so much better. Btw my name in castle clash is LahTiger :P


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