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3 Family-Friendly Channels Parents and Kids Should Follow Today

3 Family-Friendly Channels to Follow

Got a kid or two? Have an Android tablet or phone? Well, that's a world of entertainment and quality time right there. Using an Android device doesn't have to be a solitary experience: There are great games you can play with your loved ones on the same screen; there are plenty of educational apps, too. And finally, there are app which are just plain useful, and help dads and moms get stuff done.

Today I'd like to share three channels with some great recommendations for family-friendly apps and games.

Slick Puzzle Games

That's right: My first candidate, Slick Puzzle Games, does't even have "kids" or "family" or anything like that in the title. It's very possible that App Junkie didn't have families in mind when curating this channel. But when you think about it, puzzles are the perfect genre to play with your kids: They're often not dependent on time, and you can work on a puzzle together, patiently figuring things out.

Not every game works for joint parent-kid play, but ambient, relaxing puzzles like Color Zen, which we recently reviewed, can be very nice to play together.

Best Tablet Apps for Kids

It's not all games, though: Kids often like drawing, making music, or using a tablet to learn. That's what Rita El Khoury shows us with Best Tablet Apps for Kids. The channel features games such as Puzzingo, but you will also find interesting apps like kid-oriented paint app Magic Paint -- an app created by a coder for their kid.

Apps For Moms

Playboard curator Pepper Ferguson is pretty much the hands-down winner when it comes to family-friendly Playboard channels. After all, Pepper runs The Android Family, a blog which is all about family-friendly apps.

Pepper has a ton of channels, and you should definitely check her editor page for the full list. For just a tiny taste, I bring you Apps For Moms, a channel with apps ranging from Food Planner all the way to unique Time Out Timer -- who knew there's a timer app specifically for parents?

Just a Taste

Playboard's community has many other talented reviewers -- this is just a small sampling. I will be publishing lots of roundups showcasing our best curators and channels. If I've missed your favorite curator, or you would like to be featured on a future roundup, shoot me an email and let's talk!