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Game On: 3 Gaming Channels You Should Follow Right Now

A modern smartphone is not just a tool; it's more of an entertainment system, really. Let's be honest: Do you spend more time doing "serious" stuff on your phone, or do you use it mainly to pass the time and have fun? If you're like most smartphone users I know (and myself, naturally), you belong firmly in that latter camp.

But the thing about games is that they do have a limited lifetime. I mean, sure, some games have awesome replay value (Tetris, anyone?) but sooner or later you are going to want some variety. So, here are three gaming channels you should follow today, to get a constant feed of awesome games. Careful though, serious addiction potential ahead!

5 Star Games by Droid Flash

With nearly 36,000 followers, Droid Flash (AKA Craig Maxwell) is certainly on to something with 5 Star Games. What I love about this channel, as well as the other Droid Flash channels, is Craig's style of reviewing. He just has a way of reviewing a game that makes me want to play it. Take this for example:

A wicked reflex game. Great art style, and wicked controls make this a must play. It is hard as nails though!

That's the Droid Flash review for JustDodge, and it definitely made me curious. And that's for an undiscovered gem: JustDodge has only 62 Google Play ratings at the moment, with a 4.5-star average. Droid Flash knows how to find those gems.

Old School Games by Banton

Space Invaders. Pac-Man. Tetris. What do those games have in common? They're old, that's what. But they're also lastingly popular -- these are games that are just as fun to play today as they were 15 or even 30 years ago. Banton's Old School Games channel is a great place to find those games, as well as more modern classics like The Sims.

Banton isn't big on individual reviews, but what he lacks in verbosity he makes up for in selection and focus. This is a topic-specific channel (not just games, but specifically retro games), and yet Banton managed to find no less than 96 worthy games. If you're after the latest graphics-intensive first-person zombie shooters, this channel isn't for you (although that's a great idea for a channel, if I may say so myself). But if you like to relax with an old-timey game and kick back like it's 1984, you can find quite a few gems here.

Neon "Vectorized" Games by Marcel Lgt

So we went from general (5-star games) to specific (retro games) to ultra-specific, with Neon "Vectorized" Games. That's one of the things I love about Playboard: You can find super-specific collections of games you won't find anywhere else. As for this particular collection, well, it's all in the name: These games glow, and use simple, basic shapes.

A couple of games that are particularly great from Marcel's channel are Deflecticon Lite which is basically 3D pong, and Voxel Rush 3D which is a crazy, crazy game in which you have to try your hardest not to ram into blocks while travelling at warp speeds. Intense.

Follow These and Stay Tuned for More

Those are the three channels I have for you today, but we've got hundreds more. Go ahead and browse for more great channels, and stay tuned for more channel recommendations! If you want to have your own channel featured in a future post or know of a great channel we should recommend, ping @getplayboard on Twitter.