martes, septiembre 24, 2013 09:37:39

5 Gorgeous UCCW Skins You Should Check Out


UCCW, or Ultimate Custom Widget, is an amazingly customizable widget for your homescreen. You can use it to show the time, the weather, or anything else really, in a very distinct visual style.

Rita El Khoury's channel, Beautiful UCCW Skins, offers an excellent showcase of the ways you could customize UCCW for a truly personalized homescreen. I've picked out a few of the options Rita lines up, as well as one that's not actually in the channel, and am sharing them below:

Circle Weather


Circle Weather's distinctive style takes lots of screen space, but looks great.

Circle Weather takes up quite a bit of space, and you can't say it's packed with information: You get the current weather, and the date and time. But man, does it make the weather look good. Its flat, badge-like icons show current conditions, and you can toggle the date and time off if you don't want them. This lets you end up with just a circle, which you can then shrink so that it's not all that huge (still pretty massive, though).




With its vintage-looking typography, Elegante just feels classy.

Elegante presents an interesting contrast to Circle Weather's flashy looks. Instead of carefully drawn weather badges, you just get a modest dose of vintage typography. The time is shown in a large, bold serif, while the current day of the week is displayed in a sweeping cursive font. Here's what Thomas Unterkircher had to say about Elegante in his A beautiful and improved Android experience channel:

I'm getting into UCCW skins. And this clock skin is stunningly beautiful. Combine it with the wallpaper shown in the screenshots (link in the description) and get a fantastic looking screen.


UCCW Stripes


More utilitarian than the former two layouts, Stripes packs a lot of info.

When it comes down to it, neither Circle Weather nor Elegante pack all that much information into the screen. If you prefer your information density to be a bit higher, Stripes might be the skin for you: You get the time, current day of week, weather, date, battery level, unanswered calls, unread text messages, and unread emails -- all in one dense stripe on your screen.

It's not the prettiest UCCW skin ever, admittedly, but it does show off the widget's functionality to good effect.


MNML Weather


Truly minimal.

If you liked Elegante's uncompromising minimal nature but prefer to apply that same stripped-down design sense to the weather, MNML Weather has you covered. You get just the weather with this UCCW skin, and that's it. One very sparse, monochromatic icon, followed by the current temperature. Can't get more bare-bones than this.




Holler! goes well with its associated icon pack.

Our final UCCW skin, Holler! (yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name), goes well with a whole bunch of associated icon packs, such as Holler! wht and Holler! blk. These are some of the nicest icons you can find on Google Play, and if they're free, too.

But back to the Holler! UCCW skin: It basically looks like a pill in the center of your screen, showing the current time and date. That's about it, really -- no weather on this one. It really does need the compatible icon pack for best effect, otherwise it may appear a bit too minimal. But with the proper icons on your screen, Holler! can create a unique, cohesive look.