lunes, julio 15, 2013 09:30:12

Review: Bopbop Offers Addictive, Bubble-Popping Fun


Some Android games are meant to be played in a state of total concentration, lost in the tiny world in your phone. Bopbop is not such a game. It feels a little bit like doodling -- it's the sort of game you could play while on a boring conference call without breaking your concentration. That doesn't mean it's not a good game: Actually, it's excellent.

Concept and Gameplay


Connecting circles! Many, many circles, with diagonal connections allowed.

At its core, Bopbop is about connecting colored circles. You get a grid full of circles, and you have to connect circles of the same color. You can draw horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines, like you see in the screenshot. The only rule is that the colored circles have to be adjacent -- you cannot "skip" a circle.

To add a bit of purpose, two bars at the top of the screen challenge you to connect circles of specific colors. In this screenshot, you can see me connecting many, many blue circles -- which the bottom bar calls for. The top bar calls for red circles, but you can see it's quite short because I've already connected a few of those, so I don't have many left.

As you connect the colors the bars call for, you get more time, and thus can get to a higher score. That's not to say Bopbop is stressful: Unlike some timed games, Bopbop feels pleasantly "loose," and I didn't feel rushed at any point while playing the game.

Graphics and Sound


Bopbop supports many color themes, which you unlock over time.

In a word, Bopbop is flat. In two words, it's flat and colorful. That's the key aesthetic, really: There are no surprising animations or crazy effects, but color is a crucial element in the game.

You can dial in any color you choose for the background, but you don't get the same freedom when it comes to picking colors for your circles. Rather, you are limited to just a few pre-packaged color themes. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock more and more color themes, each with its own interesting name like Island Chain or Ocean Five. Not all themes are colorblind-friendly, but some are. Matching the color of the background to the theme for optimum visibility is left up to you.


You can pick your own background color and color theme.

When it comes to sound, Bopbop keeps things similarly minimalistic. There is no background music to distract you -- just popping sounds as you connect the dots and watch as they wink out of view.

Final Thoughts

I would say Bopbop is quietly addictive. It's not particularly deep, and there isn't a sophisticated AI, or network play, or anything like that. It's just a simple mechanic, but somehow, I kept finding myself coming back to it. Good, simple fun.