mircoles, julio 31, 2013 09:29:35

Review: Origami Is a Powerful, Versatile, Live Wallpaper


Yes, you've read that right: Origami is a live wallpaper that can be described as powerful. I don't mean the imagery, but the fact that it's packed to the gills with customization options and tweaks. At times, it feels more like a full-fledged app than a live wallpaper.

I first found it in Thomas U's channel, A beautiful and improved Android experiencewhere Thomas reviewed it as follow:

What a beautiful live wallpaper. Many possible configurations. Even allows you to convert the live wallpaper to a static one if you want to save battery.

What really sold me on it is the last sentence: Being able to convert a beautiful live wallpaper into a simple static image sounded like something I wanted to try.

Look and Feel


Do you see paper folds? I don't see any paper.

You shouldn't take the Origami name too literally. You won't find paper airplanes or graceful cranes flying around: Origami is mainly about the stark, precise geometry of lines crisscrossing around your screen, shimmering in alluring color.

No matter how you configure Origami (and believe me, there are many ways to configure it), that core aesthetic is the one constant: There will always be lines crossing over each other, and they will always fade in and out in various palettes, mostly pastels.

Configuration (Oh Boy)


Did anyone say options?

Origami is the most configurable live wallpaper I have ever seen, by far. This is customization taken to its logical extreme. There isn't anything you can't set: The zoom level (and thus, size of the lines); the color palette used; the speed of the camera movement as you swipe between home screens; the angles and styles of the lines. You name it -- you can set it.


Just one random color scheme amongst many.

Of course, most users are not going to want to dig into the settings quite so deeply. Fortunately, Origami comes with sane defaults, as well as many presets you can switch between. If you want to customize things without having to pick through presets, you can just press the dice icon at the bottom of the preview screen and instantly switch between preview modes.

A Soothing, Futuristic Option

What I like about Origami is that it's understated. Just looking at the wallpaper, I wouldn't have guessed how many options and features it really has. You can use it and confidently know that your homescreen won't look like almost anyone else's -- not even if that person uses Origami, because there's so much room to express your own preferences.

The result is almost always elegant and futuristic: A subtly animated backdrop that makes your icons and widgets look at their best.