sbado, junio 15, 2013 05:06:28

Review: Clay Jam Is A Game Like You've Never Seen Before

Clay Jam

Game studio Zynga has seen better days, but the company known for Words With Friends has a few other interesting titles. Clay Jam is the one I'd like to show you today: Recommended both by Droid Flash on his 5 Star Games channel and by T. Fergason on Weird Apps and Games, this is a game like none other you've seen before -- and I mean that literally. Clay Jam is entirely rendered in stop-motion, using actual Plasticine characters.

Clay Jam

Everything in Clay Jam is made of clay -- even the menus.


Clay Jam's core mechanic is similar to Katamari Damacy: You're supposed to eat everything that's smaller than you, and avoid anything that's larger. The more you eat, the bigger you grow, and the more you can eat then. There's a loose plot, too, but it's really not all that important. The important thing is rolling down the hill (or actually, from the bottom of the screen upwards), tracing paths with your finger. That's how you control your character, which is basically a ball of clay: Plot a course towards anything you want to gobble up, and away from anything you want to avoid. You can also move sideways, and even move backwards a little bit.

Clay Jam

Nom nom nom.

This being a Zynga game, there is of course a complex in-game store and currency system. As you devour creatures, you earn points, which you can then use to make ever-larger creatures. There are also "power plays," which are power-ups you can use to show those creature's who's boss. You have to enable power-plays at the beginning of the level, though -- you can't decide midway through that it's time for a boost.

Clay Jam

Power plays will boost your monster-eating efficiency.


Some games thrive on a unique concept or innovative controls, but when it comes to Clay Jam, there's no doubt graphics are the main draw. The game is gorgeous and utterly unique, and the clay aesthetic is used all throughout the interface, not just within the levels.

Final Thoughts

Zynga may or may not be long for this world, but Clay Jam is one of the nicer things the company has produced in its tumultuous history. You may not come back to it time and again, but it's worth playing at least once just for the novelty factor: A game made of clay!