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The Best Root Apps: 3 Channels That Will Convince You To Root Your Phone

If you really want to have full control over your phone, you should root it. After all, it's your device, so it only makes sense that you have access to its full capabilities. A rooted Android device can do things other devices simply can't: From visual tweaks to any ROM, to suspending battery-sucking apps in the background... your imagination is the limit, really. Here are three channels packed with great tools for rooted phones. If your phone isn't rooted yet, these will show you why it should be.


Hacks, Tricks, Root

D3D_Tray, who curates this channel, clearly knows what he's talking about. Some of the reviews are NSFW (lots of four-letter words, unfortunately), but the apps recommended are solid and include picks like Trickster MOD Kernel Settings (great for tweaking your custom kernel), and the do-it-all ROM Toolbox Pro, about which D3D_Tray enthuses:

MUST HAVE APP!!! ROM Toolbox, a huge allrounder for Android. Install and Update ROMs, AD-BLOCKER, Bootscreen and Theme and much more stuff like KernelCustomizer, ...

Best Root Required Apps!

Curated by one of our favorite editors, FHL09, the Best Root Required Apps channel features a well-filtered selection of just 14 apps, and has yet attracted over 2,300 followers as of the time of this writing. Community favorite Greenify makes an appearance here, and the FHL09's review makes it quite clear why:

Another example of great use of root permissions, no longer do you have to freeze apps only to unfreeze them later when you want to use them, put them into hibernation instead. The app remains but won't run in the background using precious resources.

The other apps in the channel are just as valuable, and even include a utility for enabling multiple accounts on your device.

Root'n Toot'n

PSarge is one of my favorite Playboard editors: Incredibly selective yet diverse, his many channels always contain a narrow selection of excellent apps. With just 12 apps, his Root'n Toot'n channel contains handy gems like Seeder for reducing lag on your device, the all-powerful (if complex) Tasker, and of-course, the must-have Titanium Backup, about which PSarge says:

Freeze or remove those annoying carrier apps that otherwise you just can't get rid of. Backup your system so you can recover it in case of something horrible happening. This is one of those app you MUST have if you are rooted.

Did These Get You to Root Your Phone?

I hope looking through these channels convinced you to root your phone -- or, if it's already rooted, feel free to share them with friends who are wondering why on earth you'd do such a thing to your phone.