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  • Appenzeller Talerschwingen

    Appenzeller Talerschwingen

    SO Appenzeller Kaese GmbH

    465 valoraciones

    Appenzeller Talerschwingen is a game originating from an old Appenzell tradition. Play, listen and feel like you’re at home again. The folk music game is just as tricky as the original. But your efforts are sure to pay off with some genuine Swiss G...

  • TELETEXT (mobile Website) TELETEXT (mobile Website)

    TELETEXT (mobile Website)

    Admeira Broadcast AG

    1989 valoraciones

    Mit der mobilen Website (m.txt.ch) von TELETEXT sind Sie sofort und überall informiert. Die wichtigsten News aus Sport, Politik / Wirtschaft, Wetter, Verkehr etc. erhalten Sie in unverwechselbar kompakter Form. Die Inhalte sind identisch mit dem...

  • WC-Guide WC-Guide


    Sonnenschauer Projekte

    92 valoraciones

    WC-Guide is the biggest Swiss-wide directory of public toilets. With the WC-Guide-Android-App you can easely locate toilets on the map, check details on every toilet and add new or missing ones ! With GPS, the compass and the displayed route in...

  • Rega Rega


    Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht

    1587 valoraciones

    Contact the Rega Operations Centre from within Switzerland or abroad and receive fast, uncomplicated emergency assistance. Rega – Rega’s Android app – is free of charge and contains everything that is necessary to call out Swiss Air-Rescue in the e...

  • Luces y sirenas policíacas Luces y sirenas policíacas

    Luces y sirenas policíacas

    Papers.ch Development

    23432 valoraciones

    Police Lights & Sirens allows you to flash the screen of your phone with a color and simultaneously playback a sound. Featuring profiles, a ton of sounds, sync with other devices, ringtone, alarm clock and much more. Police Lights & Sirens allows...

  • SBB Mobile SBB Mobile

    SBB Mobile

    Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

    17586 valoraciones

    SBB Mobile focuses on simplicity and fun. Timetables can be checked in real-time and you can easily buy and show tickets on your phone. Timetable features: • Touch-Timetable • Connections from current location • Local, national and inter...

  • WWF Ratgeber WWF Ratgeber

    WWF Ratgeber

    WWF Schweiz

    418 valoraciones

    Bewusst leben, nachhaltig handeln – sich selbst und unserem Planeten Gutes tun: Die WWF Ratgeber-App unterstützt Sie dabei! Aktuelle Anregungen und Inspirationen, unsere Einkaufsratgeber, saisonale Rezepte, praktische Umwelttipps sowie der Fo...