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  • Lab Tests Online-M Lab Tests Online-M

    Lab Tests Online-M

    American Association for Clinical Chemistry

    114 valoraciones

    LabTestsOnline-M is the mobile version of Lab Tests Online®, the award-winning website developed by laboratory professionals that has helped millions of people better understand the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine healthcare,...

  • Lab Values + Medical Reference

    Lab Values + Medical Reference


    125 valoraciones

    **The lab reference app with by far the most features on the app store!** Now available for Android! ** 3 in 1: Lab Values, Abbv, Prefix/Suffix is the premium resource for all healthcare professionals and students. Inside this one app you’ll find L...

  • Pocket Lab Values Pocket Lab Values

    Pocket Lab Values


    202 valoraciones

    Pocket Lab Values is the perfect companion for medical professionals with access to over 320 common and uncommon lab values. Designed for medical staff in training and in practice, each lab contains important clinical information, critical lab...

  • Valores de Referencia Valores de Referencia

    Valores de Referencia

    Pierre Robinson Debut

    64 valoraciones

    All healthcare professionals get at some point to measure and evaluate biological analysis results. Fully optimized for Android, this app gives you a rapid and simple access to the most commonly used lab values. Functionalities: - 200 Normal Lab...

  • Pharmacy Lab Values Pharmacy Lab Values

    Pharmacy Lab Values


    225 valoraciones

    The Pharmacy Lab Values app is a completely free application providing over a 150 lab values that are frequently used by medical professionals. It is developed by a pharmacy student with pharmacists, teachers, and students in mind. The app focuses...

  • Biochemistry Normal Values Biochemistry Normal Values

    Biochemistry Normal Values

    Tom Johnson

    505 valoraciones

    This application contains the normal ranges for frequently used biochemistry lab tests. It is a perfect reference for clinicians and students in and out of hospital, and does not require any network access to function! Currently included test...

  • ABG Interpreter ABG Interpreter

    ABG Interpreter

    Irtza Sharif

    706 valoraciones

    This is an arterial blood gas interpreter for use by internal medicine, renal, pulmonary and critical care students, residents, fellows, nurses and therapists. It is a learning tool that can be used to better understand the meaning of a blood gas...

  • Quick LabRef Quick LabRef

    Quick LabRef

    Nika Informatics

    7070 valoraciones

    Quick LabRef for Android (Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference) provides quick look at the up-to-date information on the most commonly used clinical laboratory values and other useful relevant information such as lab data in Microbiology,...