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  • Net Scan Net Scan

    Net Scan

    Nick Circelli

    7337 valoraciones

    Network scanning and discovery along with port scanner. Find holes and security flaws in your network. New features coming soon! No Ads and will NEVER have Ads! Please email me at netscan@nickcircelli.com if there are any features you'd like to...

  • AudioTool AudioTool



    1068 valoraciones

    SPL (deciBel) Meter featuring RT60, Leq, Spectrum Analyzer, Spectrogram, Chart Recorder, Signal Generator, Polarity Checker, and Mic calibration. Recommended by "Sound and Vision" magazine. Loved by Audio Engineers worldwide: check out the...

  • Wake On Lan Wake On Lan

    Wake On Lan


    1938 valoraciones

    A simple Wake On Lan application. Stores history of sent packets, to save you remembering MAC addresses. You will need to configure your computer to enable Wake On Lan first. Please report all issues over at GitHub:...

  • SQLTool Pro Database Editor SQLTool Pro Database Editor

    SQLTool Pro Database Editor

    Nic Raboy

    148 valoraciones

    NOW with SSH Tunneling support! Connect and manage MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, MariaDB, Derby, and Oracle databases from your Android device. SQLTool is a database SQL editor with rich features that include: * Export table row...

  • WiFi Heat WiFi Heat

    WiFi Heat

    Slowchop Studios

    74 valoraciones

    WiFi Heat is a great way to visually show the signal strength of your wireless network with your Android phone or tablet. WiFi Heat is simple to use--you can create an informative map in minutes. It will create a detailed heatmap that can be used...

  • WiFi Overview 360 Pro WiFi Overview 360 Pro

    WiFi Overview 360 Pro

    KAIBITS Software GmbH, Andreas Kraemer

    1212 valoraciones

    WiFi Overview 360 - The universal WiFi tool, incl. Widgets WiFi Overview 360 and the Pro version is not only a WiFI-Scanner, which shows all WiFis in range, the app is much more. This app is a "Swiss Army Knife" for WiFis. With this tool you can...

  • WiFiFoFum - WiFi Scanner WiFiFoFum - WiFi Scanner

    WiFiFoFum - WiFi Scanner

    Dynamically Loaded Ltd

    1381 valoraciones

    WiFiFoFum scans for 802.11 Wi-Fi networks and displays information about each including: SSID, MAC, RSSI, channel, and security. WiFiFoFum also allows you to connect to networks you find and log the location using the GPS. KML logs can be emailed....

  • Port Forwarder Port Forwarder

    Port Forwarder

    G Herbst

    696 valoraciones

    This app was made to forward inbound connections from internet through your android device to a PC. More Information on Port Forwarding or Port Mapping technique can be found on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forwarding CAUTION: Providers may block...

  • Mac Address Ghost Mac Address Ghost

    Mac Address Ghost


    1637 valoraciones

    From Smile Jobs to Mac Address Ghost! Temporary change mac address application. Address will recover when disconnect wifi. Save mac address as profile to sd-card. ##### CHECKPOINT ##### 1. root ? 2. install busybox ? 3. correct interface name ? (...

  • Reverse Tether Reverse Tether

    Reverse Tether


    94 valoraciones

    ReverseTether allows you to access your computer's internet connection on your device via USB, thus, reverse tethering. It's the first and only app of its kind on Google Play, no other app does such a thing. [Please read the full description...

  • Root Explorer Root Explorer

    Root Explorer

    Speed Software

    30976 valoraciones

    Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android's file system (including the elusive data folder!). Features include multiple tabs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network (SMB) support, SQLite database...

  • aLogcat (free) - logcat aLogcat (free) - logcat

    aLogcat (free) - logcat

    Jeffrey Blattman

    4069 valoraciones

    This is the free version of aLogcat. Please consider the donate version if you find it useful. If not, that's okay too. This version is exactly the same as the donate version. View color-coded, scrolling (tailed) Android device (logcat) logs...

  • Hash Decrypt Hash Decrypt

    Hash Decrypt

    Patryk Hatka

    131 valoraciones

    * Program does not contain wordlist files. insert it into the folder "/sdcard/hashdecrypt". * Support multiple wordlist files. One file can have up to 200000 words. * Supported hash functions: MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, SHA-1, SHA-256,...

  • Hacker's Keyboard

    Hacker's Keyboard

    Klaus Weidner

    36204 valoraciones

    Are you missing the key layout you're used to from your computer? This keyboard has separate number keys, punctuation in the usual places, and arrow keys. It is based on the AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard, so it supports multitouch for the...

  • WiFi Keyboard WiFi Keyboard

    WiFi Keyboard

    Ivan Volosyuk.

    5842 valoraciones

    Keyboard for keyboard-less phones like Nexus One. Allow you to type on your phone using your computer's _browser_. It works as ordinary input method. You can use terminal or type SMS ... Use WiFi for low latency input. 3G may be blocked by some...




    3423 valoraciones

    OpenPGP for Android. It's open source and its goal is to provide a similar OpenPGP implementation as GnuPG. NOTE: BACK UP YOUR SECRET KEYS! Preferably before updating. There were many database changes. If something goes wrong, then email me... the...

  • Cryptonite Cryptonite



    643 valoraciones

    This is a free and open-source file encryption solution based on the original EncFS code. Cryptonite is fully compatible with all EncFS features. Mounting doesn't work on some Android 4.2 devices. We're working on a solution. READ THIS FIRST:...

  • G-MoN G-MoN


    C. Knuetter

    4057 valoraciones

    Now LTE ready! Fieldtest shows LTE RSRP and RSRQ. A permanent RXL level of -115dBm on some Samsung phones is a Samsung bug! Only Samsung is able to fix that. Powerful WarDriving scanner and GSM / CDMA / EVDO / UMTS and LTE Netmonitor and drive...

  • ProxyDroid ProxyDroid


    Max Lv

    18838 valoraciones

    ProxyDroid is an app that can help you to set the proxy (http / socks4 / socks5) on your android devices. Help to translate ProxyDroid: http://crowdin.net/project/proxydroid/invite PLEASE ROOT YOUR DEVICES FIRST TIPS: Press MENU button to find a...

  • ezNetScan ezNetScan



    7547 valoraciones

    ★ addictivetips: "ezNetScan" in top 150 Best Android apps of year 2012 ★ ezNetScan - Network Tools ezNetScan is a handy network tool for network administrators - it scans wireless network and displays the list of all connected devices. Various oth...

  • Better Terminal Emulator Pro Better Terminal Emulator Pro

    Better Terminal Emulator Pro


    1551 valoraciones

    BTEP is an advanced multi-session Terminal Emulator and SSH client for your phone, tablet and Google TV. It also supports Telnet and FTP. Unleash the command line potential of the Android console with this terminal. Tons of real Linux utilities,...

  • SSHDroid unlocker SSHDroid unlocker

    SSHDroid unlocker


    210 valoraciones

    This application allows to unlock the pro version of SSHDroid.

  • ConnectBot ConnectBot


    Kenny Root, Jeff Sharkey, Torne Wuff, Paul Evans

    41432 valoraciones

    ConnectBot is a powerful open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client. It can manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between other applications. This client allows you to connect to Secure Shell servers that typically run...

  • Hex Editor Hex Editor

    Hex Editor


    9994 valoraciones

    Hex Editor - an application for editing the binary data, the data is represented in the "raw" - as a sequence of bytes. Since Hex Editor is quite a versatile tool it is not possible to describe all variants of it's use. Use your fantasy;-) This...

  • BotBrew ◈ root BotBrew ◈ root

    BotBrew ◈ root


    369 valoraciones

    BotBrew is a ▪ root ▪ app that brings cross-compiled command line software to Android, along with a package manager based on opkg and a service manager based on runit. Some highlights include: ◈ an almost-complete busybox with 327 applets: have more ...

  • QR Droid Code Scanner QR Droid Code Scanner

    QR Droid Code Scanner


    346193 valoraciones

    Change your smartphone into a powerful QR Code, Barcode, and Data Matrix scanning utility. Import, create, use, and share data in a matter of taps. This intuitive, full-featured and multi-language QR utility will change the way you interact with...

  • Wifi Camera

    Wifi Camera

    Zhou Chang

    2081 valoraciones

    The most simple app to maki your android to a wifi based IP camera. No setup, plug and play, see and hear of phone's video and voice in PC at same network or internet ( your route must support). Support IE, Firefox and Chrome, no software...

  • Bluetooth File Explorer Bluetooth File Explorer

    Bluetooth File Explorer


    40 valoraciones

    Why pick Bluetooth File Explorer? Because you get a bluetooth file manager, a local file manager and a bluetooth file transfer app. All for the price of one. Plus it has an ftp bluetooth activity log. Read below to know when this might come handy....

  • Bluetooth remote control Bluetooth remote control

    Bluetooth remote control

    Lê Đình

    302 valoraciones

    This app allows you to remote control bluetooth devices. Connect to a RFCOMM channel directly or look for services(SDP). It uses Hayes AT command set, this is an AT terminal. You can record and store AT command in a file and execute them....

  • ArchiDroid ArchiDroid


    Ais droid team

    8581 valoraciones

    App ArchiDroid: Easy to use archive manager. 1. Unpacking of RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZIP (gz), BZIP2 (bz2), tar.bz2, tar.gz and 7ZIP* (7z) archives. 2. Unpacking of encrypted ZIP and RAR (password protected) archives. 3. Support of multi-volume (split)...

  • IP info Detective IP info Detective

    IP info Detective

    DoubleR Software

    2271 valoraciones

    It's a wild world out there. Ever wonder where is this ip from? Want to know the status of an IP address? Let IP info Detective investigate it for you. Private I report will give you detailed information regarding the IP address in question. Read...

  • AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++ AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

    AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++


    41826 valoraciones

    AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android apps directly on your Android device. Follow interactive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expert app developer. Visually design apps, write code with the...

  • Bit Web Server (PHP,MySQL,PMA) Bit Web Server (PHP,MySQL,PMA)

    Bit Web Server (PHP,MySQL,PMA)

    Andi Unpam

    764 valoraciones

    *No need root privileges* *Support for devices that use ARM & Intel processor* This application is a web server application for android, include: - LIGHTTPD as Web Server , - PHP as PHP Server , - MYSQL as MySQL Server , - PhpMyAdmin as MySQL...

  • PAW Server for Android PAW Server for Android

    PAW Server for Android


    1745 valoraciones

    PAW Server is a Web Server for Android devices. With the PAW webserver you can use the functionality of your phone from a web browser, serve your own web pages or develop phone enabled web applications. Tasker and Locale Plug-in support. PHP...

  • Screencast Video Recorder Screencast Video Recorder

    Screencast Video Recorder

    Media Solutions

    4225 valoraciones

    ** Root Needed ** Does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3 ** Samsung S3: Set recording mode to "High" in settings ** ICS+ devices: Make sure HW Overlay is disabled and "Force GPU Rendering" is enabled from the device's developer options menu...

  • IPv6 and More IPv6 and More

    IPv6 and More

    Rahul Sen

    602 valoraciones

    'IPv6 and More' is an essential, ad-free app for network engineers, system administrators and computer geeks interested in IPv6, IPv4 and transition mechanisms from v4 to v6. The app also includes all the standard IP tools and tcp/udp/http/https...

  • Cell Widget Cell Widget

    Cell Widget

    Dieter Thiess

    594 valoraciones

    Small widget showing: - Operator Name - MCC (mobile country code) and MNC (mobile network code) - Speed (HSDPA, EDGE, LTE...) - LAC (Location Area Code) - Cell-ID - Current dBm Each information can be hidden. - Configurable Text color, size and...

  • IP Widget IP Widget

    IP Widget

    Dieter Thiess

    2172 valoraciones

    Want to translate IP Widget into your language? Contact me:dieter.thiess@gmail.com Simple IP Widget showing the mobile carrier name and ip or the wireless lan SSID and wireless lan ip address. Features: - No Ads - Select which information to...

  • Pamn IP Scanner Pamn IP Scanner

    Pamn IP Scanner

    William John Holden

    115 valoraciones

    Source available at https://github.com/wjholden/PIPS in accordance with the GNU Public License. _FAQ_ Q: I want to run Nmap myself from a terminal. Where are the binaries? A: The binaries are (usually) saved in /data/data/com.wjholden.nmap/bin/....

  • DroidEdit (free code editor) DroidEdit (free code editor)

    DroidEdit (free code editor)

    André Restivo

    14218 valoraciones

    DroidEdit is a text and source code editor (similar to Notepad++ or gedit) for android tablets and phones with the following features: ★ Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, S...

  • TeamViewer para Control remoto TeamViewer para Control remoto

    TeamViewer para Control remoto


    469817 valoraciones

    Use this app to remotely control other devices Want to remote into this device? > Download the QuickSupport app Remotely control another computer, smartphone or tablet, while you are on the road! TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote...

  • VNC per Android VNC per Android

    VNC per Android

    androidVNC team + antlersoft

    13219 valoraciones

    VNC Viewer for Android is the original Open Source (GPL) remote desktop program for Android devices. Connects to most VNC servers: incl TightVNC, RealVNC on Win and Linux, x11vnc, and Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X. Lots of customizable features let...

  • Sniffer 15.4 Sniffer 15.4

    Sniffer 15.4

    CNIT - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

    339 valoraciones

    IEEE 802.15.4 Packet Sniffer for Android devices. Please note that external hardware (i.e., a USB Sniffer accessory/device) is required to actually capture frames. However, application features can be tried out using the test mode. Application...

  • Orbot Proxy con Tor Orbot Proxy con Tor

    Orbot Proxy con Tor

    The Tor Project

    99500 valoraciones

    Orbot is a free proxy app that empowers other apps to use the internet more securely. Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and then hides it by bouncing through a series of computers around the world. Tor is free software and an open...

  • Terminal Emulator for Android Terminal Emulator for Android

    Terminal Emulator for Android

    Jack Palevich

    107816 valoraciones

    Access your Android's built-in Linux command line shell. Unleash your inner geek! This is a new version of the popular "Android Terminal Emulator" application. Same great program, just with a new name. Top Features + Full Linux terminal...

  • droid VNC server droid VNC server

    droid VNC server

    José Pereira

    3453 valoraciones

    Allows you to remote control your android within your computer! Your device must be ROOTED! Features: - Password authentication - Rotate/Scale - Wifi & USB & 3G (when supported by carrier) - Mouse & Kb emulation - Open-source - Clipboard support...

  • WiEye WiEye



    5896 valoraciones

    WiEye is a FREE 802.11 WiFi Analyzer for Android. WiEye can be used for wireless site surveys, wifi scanning, and wireless discovery. It reports the Name, BSSID, Signal Strength (dBm), Channel, and Frequency of all access points within range. It...

  • Fake GPS location Fake GPS location

    Fake GPS location


    68290 valoraciones

    Teleport your phone to any place in the world with two clicks! This app sets up fake GPS location so every other app in your phone belives you are there! Don't work with WECHAT and INGRESS - these apps use an advanced mechanism of location...

  • NFC TagWriter by NXP NFC TagWriter by NXP

    NFC TagWriter by NXP

    NXP Semiconductors

    3249 valoraciones

    The NFC TagWriter by NXP stores contacts, bookmarks, geo location, Bluetooth Handover, SMS, Mail, text messages and many more to any NFC-enabled tags as well as to items like posters, business cards, watches and many more containing NFC-enabled...

  • LanDroid LanDroid


    Fidanov Networks

    3007 valoraciones

    LanDroid is all-in-one network tool with simple and handy interface. * No Ads Features: * LocalNet - Local Interfaces, Routing and WiFi information * PublicIP - Displays your real IP and extra information * IP Lookup - Shows...

  • Network Info II Network Info II

    Network Info II

    Alexandros Schillings

    6088 valoraciones

    2.1+ version of "Network Info" Donate version available, buy me a coffee :) Shows info about the phone and the current network, Bluetooth, IPv6 and Cell connection. It also shows your public/external IP & hostname. Only goes on-line to get and...

  • Speedtest y Mapas 3G 4G WiFi Speedtest y Mapas 3G 4G WiFi

    Speedtest y Mapas 3G 4G WiFi


    330870 valoraciones

    With OpenSignal you can see cell towers around you on a map, and the signal compass points you in the direction you need to walk in to improve your connection immediately. ✓ Signal compass points you in the direction your signal is coming from ✓ Map...

  • WiFinspect [Root] WiFinspect [Root]

    WiFinspect [Root]

    Andreas Hadjittofis

    5235 valoraciones

    ROOT needed for most functions - FREE app without ads. WiFinspect is a multi-tool intended for Computer Security professionals and other advanced users that wish to monitor the networks they own or have permission, i.e. the app is a security audit...

  • WiFi Credentials Recovery★ROOT WiFi Credentials Recovery★ROOT

    WiFi Credentials Recovery★ROOT


    3928 valoraciones

    ★ ATTENTION ★ ★ ROOT REQUIRED ★ ★ IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS ROOT THAN PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APPLICATION ★ ★ APPLICATION WILL WORK ONLY ON ROOTED PHONES ★ This tool will discover all protected WiFi network's passwords that your device was conn...

  • WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

    WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

    Alexandros Schillings

    32491 valoraciones

    ** You need root to use this application. ** You need to have connected to the network in the past. ** This app cannot "hack" into an unknown/new network. I cannot help you with getting root. Have a look at http://forum.xda-developers.com for...

  • Shark Reader Shark Reader

    Shark Reader

    Elviss Kuštans

    1179 valoraciones

    Application for reading pcap files. Possible instability/errors. Has problems with large files. Project is discontinued and will not be updated.

  • Shark for Root Shark for Root

    Shark for Root

    Elviss Kuštans

    2409 valoraciones

    Traffic sniffer, works on 3G and WiFi (works on FroYo tethered mode too). To open dump use WireShark or similar software, for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader. Based on tcpdump. Please leave comments/send e-mail if you have any...

  • Shark for Root (native) Shark for Root (native)

    Shark for Root (native)

    Elviss Kuštans

    328 valoraciones

    Traffic sniffer, works on 3G and WiFi. You need tcpdump binary in /system/xbin for this program to work. Use "Shark for Root" if you haven't this binary. To open dump use WireShark or similar software, for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader....

  • Wifi Analyzer Wifi Analyzer

    Wifi Analyzer


    321010 valoraciones

    Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. http://wifianalyzer.mobi ########## For the USB read/write permission: This permission is...

  • Network "Swiss-Army-Knife" Network

    Network "Swiss-Army-Knife"

    Foo-Bang Chan

    65 valoraciones

    All-in-One Networking tools for network administrator, security professional, web developer and geeks thats perform 1. IPv4 subnetting/CIDR (Classful & Classless) and all the related valid subnet/network information with a swipe of a finger. 2....

  • Fing - Escáner de red Fing - Escáner de red

    Fing - Escáner de red

    Domotz Ltd

    167380 valoraciones

    Fing, the top ranking, completely free and super-fast network scanner, that’s used by millions of homes and professionals around the world. Discover which devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network, map devices, detect intruders, assess network s...