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Some of my most like games, either for graphics, gameplay, specific features or reference.

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  • SokoBall (Sokoban 3d)

    SokoBall (Sokoban 3d)

    BTG Studio

    815 valoraciones

    SokoBall is another release of sokoban – one of the most popular puzzle games ever. Your task is to find a way to put boxes in the marked places only by pushing them. Enjoy the game's: * great 3D graphics, * rising dificulty of succesive puzzles, * 3...

  • Beach Buggy Blitz

    Beach Buggy Blitz

    Vector Unit

    582251 valoraciones

    Drive your hot-rod beach buggy as far as you can into the uncharted depths of a mysterious tropical island! Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed and completely destructible world packed with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, lava...

  • Baseball Jam

    Baseball Jam

    Tio Atum

    653 valoraciones

    Batter’s up! Get ready to hit it out of the park! Time’s ticking and only a straight shot to the target can keep you going. Baseball Jam is pure batting action! Aim your shots for maximum points and extra time! Beat your friends’ highscores with...

  • SphereTones



    1276 valoraciones

    SphereTones is a visual instrument. In contrast to traditional composition methods this approach places intuition, randomness, playfulness in the focus of attention. The base element is the Sound-Sphere. Imagine a planet, where the ball you drop,...

  • FoxTail FoxTail



    1360 valoraciones

    * FEATURES ★ Realistic feel of racing 3D game running ★ Fantastical running adventure ★ Aweshome and cool 107 various stage! ★ Challenge your Limits with friend. Avoiding various obstacles Arrive to your destination within the time limit. Cute ch...



    Brightside Games

    461 valoraciones

    SPiN WARS - That crazy one-button multiplayer battle game! Up to 4 friends battle each other simultaneously on just one device in this simple but fun arena shoot 'em up game! Control your fighter and pull off your special moves with the well-timed...

  • Tap the Frog

    Tap the Frog


    290824 valoraciones

    Join 50,000,000 Tap the Frog players across the globe! Jump in and get tapping! ★ 27 frogsome mini-games! ★ Multiplayer for family fun! ★ Cool ranks to share with your friends! Ribbit! Do you have what it takes to help the Frog jump, paint and s...

  • One Tap Hero

    One Tap Hero

    Coconut Island Studio

    57653 valoraciones

    Featured by Google in "Play Picks"! The acclaimed action puzzle platform game is available on Android for phones and tablets! From the creator of hits Finger Balance and iDragPaper. Reviews: "It’s got great gameplay, a huge amount of variety in t...

  • Sheep Up!™ Sheep Up!™

    Sheep Up!™

    Bad Seed

    11195 valoraciones

    Jump into a vibrant and colorful adventure inside a cardboard box! Baaaa! You are the only hope for a tiny toy sheep stored in a cardboard box together with other old toys. Help the jumping sheep escape and reach the top of the box for freedom!...

  • LEGO® Speedorz™

    LEGO® Speedorz™

    Warner Bros. International Enterprises

    294237 valoraciones

    Customize your animal minifigure, hop on a Speedor, and race through the Kingdom of CHIMA! • Battle through the Falling Jungle, the Rhino Canyon and the Swamps against the best Speedor riders in CHIMA • Win races to face new challenges and unlock mor...

  • Canica Game Free

    Canica Game Free

    Hekatombe Studio

    2194 valoraciones

    *New Update with 131 "Achievements" added. Now it's even funnier! *Amazing Music *Designed ALSO for Tablets & HD devices *Multilanguage: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan -FREE version with 60 levels -Limited CANICA Features...

  • Race Illegal: High Speed 3D

    Race Illegal: High Speed 3D

    HeroCraft Ltd

    116883 valoraciones

    Optimized for tablets! • Compete in online races • Car tuning and customisation • Personal stats and online records table • 20 tracks and 9 cars • Authentic street race atmosphere • Realistic driving physics • Engaging storyline • Integrated with...

  • Party Wave Free Party Wave Free

    Party Wave Free


    8104 valoraciones

    Free Version of Party Wave, an Action Surfing Game Developed by Mistwalker. There are two elements in playing Party Wave: paddling and surfing. For paddling, touch surfers and drag them to a spot where the surf breaks, while avoiding the obstacles...

  • Flux



    754 valoraciones

    Flux is an ever-changing digital sound sculpture. Draw a simple gesture that will define the overall shape and structure of the evolving composition. The gesture is analyzed by the system, and certain parameters define length, movements and mood...

  • Spikey's Bounce Around

    Spikey's Bounce Around

    Donut Games

    421 valoraciones

    Bounce with SPIKEY through the magic gardens on a quest to free all his friends! The sacred butterflies have all been trapped inside glass jars, and it's up to Spikey to smash them open using his wild bouncing skills! * * * * * * * * * * * * * *...

  • Finger Balance Free

    Finger Balance Free

    Coconut Island Studio

    3728 valoraciones

    Ranked No.1 iOS Paid Puzzle Game in US and Europe "The Best Games You've Never Played" selected by Apple on App Store Now, Finger Balance land on Android for FREEEEE!! Featuring innovative and unique gameplay never seen before on Android, Coconut...

  • Doggie Blues 3D

    Doggie Blues 3D


    1598 valoraciones

    The game is free ..donate if you like it :) Doggie Blues 3D is a cute fusion of the platform- and puzzle- genres, and is visually inspired by the old-school 3D games from the Nintendo64 era. Controlling Doggie (a blue dog aspiring to become a...

  • Blindscape


    Gavin Brown

    13041 valoraciones

    Blindscape is a piece of experimental storytelling that takes place entirely through sound, . The narrative is told from the point of view of a man in an authoritarian society who wants to escape his life intolerable life by ending it. "A whole...

  • SoundBow SoundBow



    657 valoraciones

    SoundBow is a musical instrument with a clean and simple visual interface. You can create music by drawing curves over the screen. Your gesture will be remembered and played back continuously. Each time your ever-looping gesture hits a string, a...

  • Drift Mania Championship 2 LE

    Drift Mania Championship 2 LE

    Ratrod Studio Inc.

    73150 valoraciones

    Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift experience with its highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics. Start a drift career, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer...

  • Crust Crust


    Nordic Mobile Labs

    149 valoraciones

    Enjoy Crust permanently for FREE! --- Crust is a next generation messiah of the traditional 90s cave flying game genre! Now you can also beat your friends on your mobile device, with high definition graphics and intelligent AI enemies on the go!...

  • Highway Crash Derby Highway Crash Derby

    Highway Crash Derby

    Koma Studios

    66741 valoraciones

    Take your race car out on the highway and cause as much damage as you can! Swipe your way through the traffic and wait for the right moment to cause a massive highway crash. The further you drive without the crashing, the higher you can score!...

  • G-Jump



    528 valoraciones

    Guide the ball through each and every single level of G-Jump as best as you can. Get Ready, Aim, Jump! It's as simple as that... Or is it not?! Finishing the levels is the easy part, but can you Perfect them all? Plus, will you be able to unlock...

  • Inception Tic Tac Toe Inception Tic Tac Toe

    Inception Tic Tac Toe


    210 valoraciones

    Tic Tac Toe ... taken to the next level. Welcome to the most innovative variation of Tic Tac Toe on Google Play. A Tic Tac Toe within a Tic Tac Toe, how more awesome can anything get? FEATURES: - One Player Mode: Play 4 different AI's with 10...

  • S-Ride Beta

    S-Ride Beta


    2873 valoraciones

    BETA! - sounds not implemented yet - not many tracks - will be added on the go - gravities, bonuses and speedZones will be added soon, inform me what else would You like! S-Ride is fast paced, somewhat abstract racing game. Unlike other games,...



    75 valoraciones

    3D + Physics + Shooting ! Probably the most innovative and interesting mobile game you will ever played ! Join the cubot force to defeat incoming invaders ! Cubot is an exciting shooting game with amazing 3D environment. Beautiful 3D graphics and...

  • Instance: Hardcore Universe Instance: Hardcore Universe

    Instance: Hardcore Universe

    Ivan Khranovskii

    204 valoraciones

    Like Hard Games ? This one is for you ! - 25 levels of pure hardcore tilt action - amazing music atmosphere - worldwide leaderboard You definitely should try it !

  • Star Vanisher [DBZ]

    Star Vanisher [DBZ]


    79427 valoraciones

    ◆◆◆7 million downloads◆◆◆ HAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! (o`Д´)r━━━━━☆ Blow away the star with your energy beam!!! Dedicated to Dragon Ball fans! [Total 6 Million Downloads] Presenting the updated of destroying massive planet g...

  • Tap the Frog: Doodle

    Tap the Frog: Doodle


    91484 valoraciones

    Tap the Frog in DOZENS of MINI-GAMES in one awesome app! Join 10,000,000 million Tap the Frog players across the globe! So much fun for everyone! #1 GAME IN MANY COUNTRIES. Tap the Frog Doodle features hours of gameplay, diverse mini-games filled...

  • Space Odyssey Space Odyssey

    Space Odyssey

    Livezen Corp.

    2802 valoraciones

    It's a masterpiece of typical bullet-hell shooters with splendid colors. This game includes highest difficulty level for bullet-hell shooter mania! 【Features】 - 13 stages of increasing difficulty level - Various enemy units - 4 upgrade levels and...

  • Cosmonauts


    Superplay Games Inc.

    582 valoraciones

    Take part in the comical escapades of a cold-war superpower’s attempt at galactic domination! Or challenge your friends to epic space battles featuring unique spaceships and devastating weapons! Please know that your satisfaction is the most i...

  • Angry Bots Demo

    Angry Bots Demo

    Unity Technologies A/S

    3522 valoraciones

    Angry Bots Demo by Unity Technologies

  • Juice Cubes Juice Cubes

    Juice Cubes


    315231 valoraciones

    Download The Best Match3 Puzzle Adventure of 2016! It's free! Welcome to Juice Cubes: A delicious puzzle game with tons of fresh and fruity challenges! Pack your bags, get on the mission to go island hopping in a sunny tropical paradise and...

  • TETRIS® Blitz TETRIS® Blitz

    TETRIS® Blitz


    192083 valoraciones

    Experience the new high-speed, action-packed take on the iconic block puzzle game! It’s two-minute Tetris® with exciting fresh features, including a stunning look and feel, rewarding Power-Ups to get as you climb levels, and intense Battles with fr...

  • Bad Drone Free

    Bad Drone Free

    Shinshi Games

    370 valoraciones

    Cheeky, bad and fast, with a huge amount of firepower. This is “Bad Drone“! Throw yourself into the adventure and experience an fantastic "endless runner"! Destroy obstacles, defeat powerful bad-ass monsters and be truly bad! • HOW TO PLAY: - Con...

  • Gravity Lander Gravity Lander

    Gravity Lander

    Büro Destruct

    645 valoraciones

    3 Cosmonauts bite the dust of Mars What goes up must come down. One way or another. Help 3 Cosmonauts on a not so stellar mission to cleanup debris cluttering the Mars base. Be challenged to land the rocket safely on the Mars base. Vaporize or...

  • Grooh Grooh


    digiDingo ag

    1399 valoraciones

    Former #1 iPhone and iPad Game in Switzerland "Grooh" is now available on Android! Grooh is a cute (and lazy?) monster that loves pineapples. Today, Grooh decides to explore the abandoned "Feilong Castle". There's a huge dragon printed on the...

  • RE-VOLT Classic-3D Racing

    RE-VOLT Classic-3D Racing

    WeGo Interactive Co., LTD

    111984 valoraciones

    ★★The legend of RC Racing game, “RE-VOLT Classic”, back to Android★★ Race radio-controlled cars through the neighborhood and beyond in the classic arcade racer RE-VOLT! Fast paced, exciting driving, with explosive weapons and unique track designs del...

  • Pocket Rally LITE

    Pocket Rally LITE

    Illusion Magic Studio

    106202 valoraciones

    Major Update! The complete 65 levels of the full version are now all open! Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine the best of both old school rally racing games and smart device experiences. Stunning visual graphics, realistic yet fun to drive car...

  • Infinity Space

    Infinity Space


    23709 valoraciones

    Infinity Space is a game which reflects the incredible history of mankind to face the unknown. You will go into space in search of expanding humanity's achievements. Visit planets never before seen by human! Reach the longest distance that has...

  • Can Knockdown 3 Can Knockdown 3

    Can Knockdown 3

    Infinite Dreams

    335246 valoraciones

    Be accurate! Be smart! Be quick! Challenge your aim, hone your precision, and push your puzzle-solving skills to the next level in this insanely addictive game. This installment takes the critically acclaimed Can Knockdown series to all new...

  • Blip Blup Blip Blup

    Blip Blup

    ustwo games

    7974 valoraciones

    BLIP BLUP is an addictive conundrum of coloration that will consume your thoughts and occupy your dreams. ★★ "It's a game that feels familiar, though I'm certain I've never played anything like it." - Kotaku ★★ ★★ "An ideal mobile game" - The Verge ★...

  • I Can Fly I Can Fly

    I Can Fly


    7280 valoraciones

    ★Anyone can enjoy I Can Fly. Winter Costumes add. iCanFly is easy for all ages to pick up and play! The easy and simple, but addictive game! Enjoy Together :) * Life is short, Love is long * Fly's life and love story! * Fly as long as you can! ...

  • Turbo FAST

    Turbo FAST


    1169625 valoraciones

    Rocket to the finish line in Turbo FAST, the top mobile racing game! Challenge your friends for slick shell upgrades and delicious tomato prize pools! Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own...

  • Codemon (Barcode Monsters) Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

    Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

    Platty Soft

    2164 valoraciones

    Codemon is a game that combines the concepts of Barcode Battler, Pet collection and Pokemon. Scan barcodes to find Codemons, Auras and Spells. Bring your "Barcode Monsters" to fight at the Codiseum, battle other players and level them up! Use...

  • CSR Racing

    CSR Racing

    NaturalMotionGames Ltd

    2291700 valoraciones

    *** The best-selling drag racing series - over 130 million downloads *** This is CSR Racing. The ultimate drag race in the city streets, featuring over 100 licensed cars, stunning graphics, addictive gameplay and intense online player vs. player...

  • Puzzle & Dragons Puzzle & Dragons

    Puzzle & Dragons


    115992 valoraciones

    Multiplayer Mode has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons, the go-to choice for the mobile Puzzle RPG experience. Team up with your friends and tackle all new enemies! Puzzle & Dragons is both an addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle game with classic...

  • FREE waterful ring toss FREE waterful ring toss

    FREE waterful ring toss


    185 valoraciones

    Catch the ring game for all ages that can be played in the office, at home or on your way to work. This game has an awesome physics and game play. In the game you need to pass the levels at the shortest time period possible, accumulating the...

  • Bluest -bluetooth-

    Bluest -bluetooth-


    4783 valoraciones

    ★本ゲームは2人協力プレイ専用です★ シングルプレイは通常のブルーエストを参照下さい。 【はじめに】 本ゲームは「友達同士でスマホを持ち寄ってブルーエストの協力プレイが出来たら面白い!」をコンセプトに、Android端末でのBluetooth通信による協力プレイを開発しました。 しかしながら...

  • TapBattle TapBattle


    Ján Jakub Nanista

    917 valoraciones

    Ultimate two player game that tests your agility. You and your opponent both have 10 seconds to tap the screen as fast as you can. You can use as many fingers as your device and your hands let you. Let the fastest hand win!

  • Island Racer

    Island Racer

    baKno Games

    4357 valoraciones

    A casual racing game full of fun that can be played solo, against the computer, or online against another player. Island Racer features the unique ability to generate new original landscapes and tracks, offering infinite track combinations for a...

  • One Epic Knight One Epic Knight

    One Epic Knight

    Simutronics Corp

    22303 valoraciones

    Just a sample of the raves! ★★★★★ "Offers a shining example of how to keep the endless genre fresh!" -- Apple N Apps ★★★★★ "If you are a fan of endless runner games, then you should totally download this game!" -- Gamer Chica ★★★★★ ""What sets t...

  • Jelly Racing: funny race

    Jelly Racing: funny race

    SMS Services LLC

    2522 valoraciones

    Jelly Racing!! Jelly Racing ™ is a captivating and exciting turn-based strategic racing game! Take part in crazy races and help your jelly to breast the tape! Unforgettable curves of numerous tracks on four different planets are waiting for you. ...

  • Smash Cops Heat

    Smash Cops Heat

    Hutch Games

    259769 valoraciones

    The hit action game enjoyed by over 10 million players explodes onto Android, supercharged with cool features, bonus missions and extreme pursuit vehicles. Download now and play for FREE! -- BE THE COPS IN AMERICA’S WILDEST TV CHASES Smash Cops H...

  • Say the Same Thing Say the Same Thing

    Say the Same Thing

    Space Inch, LLC

    4695 valoraciones

    From the band OK Go, a totally new kind of word game. It's creative, with no preset answers -- a funny, unpredictable, mind-melding, turn-by-turn game where you have to think like your friends! Say the Same Thing is the word game where you and a...

  • Monster Smasher Monster Smasher

    Monster Smasher


    5376 valoraciones

    The story of Monster Smashers... The creators of Ninja Chicken and Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga, bring you the story of the MONSTER SMASHERS! This story is placed in a small village, where monster-like creatures, called Munchers & Gombies, live...

  • Karate Girl Destruction Run

    Karate Girl Destruction Run

    Philipp Lenssen

    79 valoraciones

    This game is so fast, it has a slow-motion feature just so you see what you're doing! Meet Karate Girl, out for revenge against those who stole her father's Humpterdink sword. Frantically steer her through the crook's mansion with the goal to...

  • Bejeweled Blitz Bejeweled Blitz

    Bejeweled Blitz


    213172 valoraciones

    Enjoy one minute of endless match-3 fun from PopCap and EA – and play for free! Detonate as many gems as you can in 60 action-packed seconds in the hit puzzle game played by over 25 million people worldwide. Match three or more and create cascades o...

  • Sqware Sqware



    204 valoraciones

    Play as Sqware, a strange square shaped character out to conquer the moon ! One finger is enough to jump from platforms to platforms, avoid enemies getting in the way and demonstrate accuracy and speed in this colorful game ! Squares ... squares...

  • Cubemen


    3 Sprockets

    15971 valoraciones

    It’s the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men. Use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. It’s the usual story, but with many very interesting twi...

  • Duncan and Katy Demo

    Duncan and Katy Demo

    Francisco David Moreno Pérez

    300 valoraciones

    The world was a peaceful place until the aliens arrived! In this game we can take the role of one of the two main characters: Duncan or Katy, to save the world from an alien invasion. We will fight the aliens with the help of the Professor, Katy's...

  • Fractal Combat

    Fractal Combat

    OYK Games

    13306 valoraciones

    "Fractal Combat" is a 3D action-packed futuristic flight combat game for Android devices. MAIN FEATURES - Spectacular 3D graphics - 7 unique gorgeous fractal worlds - Earn new ships, upgrade weapons, generators, radars - Achievements and...

  • Grumpy Bears Grumpy Bears

    Grumpy Bears


    36345 valoraciones

    *Spring is back! (Bearly). The grass is green again everybody!* ✩✩✩The Bear Tombs have been opened! Grumpy Mummies, Pharaohs, and Gods have been unleashed upon the world and after such a long sleep... they are very hungry for honey! Protect your...

  • Spikeball For Two Spikeball For Two

    Spikeball For Two

    Philipp Lenssen

    35 valoraciones

    Spikeball For Two is a fun action game specifically made for two players on a shared tablet. Your goal is to steer your spiketail using the colored control circle to push the lightball into the opposing goal. The further your finger taps away from...

  • Rat On The Run

    Rat On The Run

    Donut Games

    2393 valoraciones

    Help Ratty get FATTENED UP for the winter in this hilarious platform game, the very first and original game in the "Rat on" series! Ratty has just found the house of his dreams - full of cheese blocks and snacks. There's just one problem. The...

  • MultitasKING MultitasKING


    Konstantin Klassen

    124 valoraciones

    Do you think that you are good at multitasking? Find out! Each of the 4 minigames on their own should be no problem to handle, but can you handle them all at the same time? Balance a Ball on a platform while touching circles, dodging triangles...




    6323 valoraciones

    "PIYOMORI" was powered up to "MORE!PIYOMORI". This is a puzzle game. Please stack "chicks" on the bowl as possible. You can play easily. To play this app, you need "swipe" and "tap" only. So anyone can play and enjoy. [New features]: -New chick...

  • Juggle! FREE Juggle! FREE

    Juggle! FREE


    335 valoraciones

    HAVE A BALL with JUGGLE! by Denki. JUGGLE! is our heartfelt tribute to classic gaming. It's a trip back in time to the origins of arcade games that captures the 1970s vibe but is enriched by a contemporary twist and now you can enjoy this free...

  • Ice Core Retro Ice Core Retro

    Ice Core Retro

    Funky Monkey Studios

    215 valoraciones

    Take control of a retro ice cube, and go on a quest to beat the world highest score! Feel the speed, the hotness and the coldness of the Retro Ice World. The trick is to jungle between red and blue areas. The red areas will make you melt but are...

  • Raptor RPG - Online

    Raptor RPG - Online


    9320 valoraciones

    PLAY AS A RAPTOR to explore, eat, hunt and survive! - NEW FISHING - Chase and catch, eat now or eat later! Battle against a Mecha T-Rex on the moon in low gravity! Unlock the Secret Hub to play as a SPINOSAURUS and T-REX! Rescue an EGG, HATCH and...

  • Robot Battle

    Robot Battle


    4187 valoraciones

    The Robot Battle 2.0 was released. Go meet "The Robot Battle 2.0" complenty newly changed. Realtime mobile fighting action, "The Robot Battle 2.0". Fierce ranking competition among users. A fiery showdown with realtime fighting. Your challenge to...

  • LevitOn Speed Racing Free

    LevitOn Speed Racing Free


    3937 valoraciones

    Note : If you have problems with touch after update, delete, and reinstall the app, thanks. Optimized for Tegra, Adreno, Power VR, GPU's The LevitOn Racers HD for Android is a thrilling, exciting and challenging game app from BeltraWay. LevitOn...

  • ケリ姫スイーツ ケリ姫スイーツ



    358487 valoraciones

    ありがとう4周年! おかげさまで1111万ダウンロード! 蹴って、飛ばして、倒す快感! 「ケリ姫」シリーズの最新作 『ケリ姫スイーツ』 ◇◆『姫』を操り『兵士』を蹴り飛ばせ!!◆◇ 前作以上に蹴って蹴って蹴りまくれ! 『パズル』と『RPG要素』をプラスした 『アクションパズルRPG』の集大成! 簡単操作で『触って納得!楽しさMAX!』 『スイーツシステム』導入でバトルが更に激熱! ---------------------------------------- ●「Android4....

  • Castaway Cat Castaway Cat

    Castaway Cat


    232 valoraciones

    Poor cat. How did you end up on a desert island, anyway? Here, have a balloon! And cake! You should have some cake.

  • Fruit Sorter

    Fruit Sorter


    7686 valoraciones

    Become a worker of a sorting plant and sort juicy fruit in this addictive Fruit Sorter game! In Fruit Sorter your task is to sort different types of juicy fruit moving on a belt and put them into boxes. Your task will be made easier by the...

  • Battle Tank SWORD (Free) Battle Tank SWORD (Free)

    Battle Tank SWORD (Free)


    278 valoraciones

    This is a multi-directional shooter video game. The player controls the tank SWORD, DAGGER or LANCE, must destroy enemy tanks before they arrived to the line of defense. Player has two weapons: direct fire and high angle fire. The direct fire has...

  • Sum and Blossom Sum and Blossom

    Sum and Blossom

    Carrot Field

    414 valoraciones

    Sum and Blossom is a multi-touch, addictive math game with beautiful graphics and animations. Add bubbles to get required sum and feed the flowers. Take advantage of multi-touch and split bubbles to obtain smaller numbers. Subtract different...

  • Birzzle Birzzle


    Enfeel Inc

    39782 valoraciones

    Pandora Mode is comming!!! ★★★★★ 7 millions Downloads in Google Play!! ★★★★★ Korean Mobile App Award 2011 ★★★★★ The most popular application (1st place) in Asia appstore - Distimo, TechCrunch ※ Description A new brand of Drag n Drop block puzz...

  • Cubo Cubo


    Magma Mobile

    4244 valoraciones

    Fill the cube with the same color! This new game is similar to classic Magic Cube game. In the classic game, each colored face of the cube is mixed and you have to replace them all correctly. However, in this original new version, you have to...

  • Seasons


    Tommi Saalasti

    266 valoraciones

    Seasons is a relaxing yet challenging game where you guide a single leaf with wind through four seasons, avoiding harmful enemies. Use the wind to control your leaf, slice up fruits, blow out fires, reroute paper planes and change the direction of...

  • Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 Free

    Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 Free

    Knowledge Adventure, Inc.

    2869 valoraciones

    From the makers of the award winning Math Blaster series! Over 20 years making math fun! Hop on your HyperCycle and discover math facts like you’ve never seen them before! Race through levels shooting and dodging fast-flying obstacles to reach the A...

  • Skyriders


    Inverse Blue

    1686 valoraciones

    Inspired by classic games of the past, Skyriders is a fast-paced mix of platformer and racing game. Pilot a small spacecraft along crazy tracks in space, dodging and jumping obstacles, whilst trying to maintain a high speed by collecting the...

  • Greedy Cookie Free

    Greedy Cookie Free

    Game Bakery

    82 valoraciones

    Collect Candy, roll over evil blocks and keep the Cookie happy! A fast and fun casual game, cute looking and a must for all the cookie lovers out there. Compete with people around the globe in the rankings! Features: -global ranking -two...

  • Captain Thumb

    Captain Thumb

    Phalanx One Games

    805 valoraciones

    Captain Thumb is an action-packed side-scrolling arcade style shooter. The game transforms your thumbs into vital actors in the game, effectively cutting out distancing control mechanics. ● Infinity Mode with online Leaderboard. ● Story Mode wit...

  • Shufflepuck Cantina

    Shufflepuck Cantina

    Agharta Studio

    2925 valoraciones

    Indie game developer Agharta Studio is proud to announce the release of Shufflepuck Cantina on Google Play! Plunge into the Athanor's universe! Play in a world populated by colorful characters in an atmospheric Space Western. Face your opponents...

  • Munch Time Lite

    Munch Time Lite


    2525 valoraciones

    “Munch Time is another heart meltingly cute game” - Touch Arcade “This will undoubtedly keep us occupied for quite some time” - Trap Magazine "Munch Time really embodies the best of the three star physics puzzler" - AppleNApps "I am sure you are...

  • Toons Summer Games 2012

    Toons Summer Games 2012


    1349 valoraciones

    ★ Play 12 differents Events from Summer Games and Challenge the World ! What do a sheep that thinks it's Pegasus, a sharp feline, a hotheaded turtle, and a gracious gorilla all have in common? They’re all participating in the 2012 Toons Summer Gam...

  • 2Fuse 2Fuse


    Mojo Forest

    80790 valoraciones

    *** The brand new version of the arcade action finger busting game 2FUSE has arrived!!! *** 2FUSE is here to challenge your finger dexterity with better graphics, gameplay and social elements! 2FUSE is a fast and furious arcade-styled game which...

  • Diskobolos Diskobolos


    Conquering Bytes

    216 valoraciones

    Diskobolos - Retro. Arcade. Highscore. The new space retro arcade highscore fun game out now for android! Diskobolos is a skill-based retro arcade game that sends players on a hunt for the highscore. In order to succeed, players must shoot disks...

  • Air Racer

    Air Racer

    David Sabata

    420 valoraciones

    *** Experience air racing in 3D with brand new multitouch controls! *** It's time to put away inaccurate and slow-responsive accelerometers and virtual joysticks. Let's fly like grown-ups now - with precise loops, rolls and sharp turns! Race...

  • Fist Face Fight

    Fist Face Fight


    784 valoraciones

    You're a fist. They're a face. They want your heart. Time to fight! Fist Face Fight is a frenetic physics based arena combat game. Your goal is to defend your heart against waves and waves of face ninjas. Each belt you earn gives you more time,...




    131 valoraciones

    MOKMOK is a high speed, time atack shooter. You have only 180 seconds. Dodge enemy bullets, and destroy enemies! Added in-game manual. Please read it! * Instant Manual (There are in-game manual) - An object drawn in this icon is player ship. A...

  • Recursive Runner

    Recursive Runner

    Soupe au Caillou

    337 valoraciones

    Run, jump and score points! Sound easy? Sure, except there is a running and jumping obstacle to avoid: You! (and You (and You (and You (and...)))) Experience an all new kind of running game! Used to play until being hit by an obstacle? You’ll play f...

  • Cut the Rope: Time Travel Cut the Rope: Time Travel

    Cut the Rope: Time Travel


    993878 valoraciones

    Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completely new adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action! Eager to learn more about Om Nom's adventures?...

  • Infinity BreakPressure A Infinity BreakPressure A

    Infinity BreakPressure A


    81 valoraciones

    Emphasis exhilaration? Of, I breakout wrong sense. The block is falling infinitely, the ball comes out fast! Losing block invades the limit line! Let's destroy the blocks with the ball to increase steadily up to 99! You can feel free to play...

  • Link 237 Racer

    Link 237 Racer

    Banco Bradesco SA

    2596 valoraciones

    Faça do Link 237 e seus amigos um campeão nas pistas com esse divertido e emocionante jogo de corrida. São 18 pistas em três diferentes pontos turísticos do Brasil, utilizando os melhores recursos 3D disponíveis. Escolha entre cinco diferentes perso...

  • Tekken Card Tournament (JCC) Tekken Card Tournament (JCC)

    Tekken Card Tournament (JCC)

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

    334124 valoraciones

    Online gameplay is fast and furious. Fight battles using combos with three actions: Focus, Strike and Block. During each turn, fighters choose whether to draw a new card from their deck, launch an attack with their cards or attempt to block. Think...

  • Fairune Fairune


    URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

    4050 valoraciones

    An action-puzzler RPG with a retro feel! The scourge is back with a vengeance! Seal him off for good! Collect the three Spirit Icons to lead the way to victory! === How to play === ★ Use the D-Pad to move and select items. ★ Open the inventory win...

  • Epic Pets 3D

    Epic Pets 3D

    Toasty Tech Corp

    4464 valoraciones

    Epic Pets is A FULL 3D EXPERIENCE for your device where you can not only create your own training character, but are also put up to the challenge to take care of your very own Epic Pet ! Don't know where to go for your next Battle / Monster /...

  • Run, Time Chicken!

    Run, Time Chicken!


    1613 valoraciones

    Do you dare imagine what it would be like to be... THE TIME CHICKEN? Travelling to dinosaurs time as the guinea-pig of genius geneticist! In the 1950s, a scientist wants to create a new animal species of his own and sends back in times a chicken!...

  • Diamond Blast Diamond Blast

    Diamond Blast

    Words Mobile

    70360 valoraciones

    Diamond Blast is #1 amazing diamond match game featuring addictive gameplay and tons of exciting blast effects and power ups! The game is an exciting arcade saga which will challenge you to develop a lightning-fast reaction time. In Action mode...

  • Jewels Hunter - Save Dora Jewels Hunter - Save Dora

    Jewels Hunter - Save Dora


    697 valoraciones

    Jewels Hunter with Space science fiction theme is coming! An addictive Jewels match3 & eliminating game. It has more interesting modes which are different from the other similar games on the market. Try Jewels Hunter now! *** How to Play *** -...

  • Finger Fights Finger Fights

    Finger Fights

    UAB Membranos

    7897 valoraciones

    ✌ Smash fingers with your friends! ✌ Play together on a single phone or tablet! "Finger Fight 3in1" is an ultimate finger fighting games pack. So what are you waiting for? Grab your kid, friend, classmate or any unsuspecting bystander and cha...

  • Geomatrix Geomatrix


    Frame 2 Frame

    235 valoraciones

    There´s a war in digital world, and your mission is join all fragments of source code that will replenish the order. As more you moving on, more of "R-Virus" will come. Special itens will be send to help in your mission....

  • Potshot Pirates 3D Free

    Potshot Pirates 3D Free

    IT Art Team, LLC

    3864 valoraciones

    Famous pirate Joe Elusive had hidden untold wealth somewhere in Yokka-Pukka islands, inhabited by people with emerald skin and a sharp temper. But where exactly… He had forgotten. Your job, as a prospective pirate - to find and take away these t...

  • Finger Brawl: Free Hockey Game Finger Brawl: Free Hockey Game

    Finger Brawl: Free Hockey Game

    UAB Membranos

    111 valoraciones

    Challenge your friends in a 1-on-1 duel! Who needs crappy AI opponents when you have real friends all around you! Standard air hockey rules have been thrown out of the window in favour of an all-out finger mash battle. Send pucks into opposite...

  • Portal Poke

    Portal Poke


    241 valoraciones

    Portal Poke is a unique physics based platformer where you poke your character through a colorful outer space environment, collect stars and avoid the dangerous red matter. Warp into the action and collect the stars as fast as your fingers can...

  • Spacer


    Local Space

    1157 valoraciones

    Spacer is an fast-paced Arcade racing game. Control your space-ship and discover the Spacer universe! Test your reflexes by avoiding obstacles, take power-ups & stars to try and get the highest score out there. Compete with the best players in the...

  • LightSpeeder


    Rude Boy Games

    2063 valoraciones

    LightSpeeder delivers an intense adrenaline rush and lets you race and battle high velocity vehicles through magnificent 8-bit environments as you pick up and use numerous power-ups to destroy opposition vehicles in spectacular ways. Exhilarating...

  • TetroCrate 3D: Rompecabezas TetroCrate 3D: Rompecabezas

    TetroCrate 3D: Rompecabezas

    AppDeko Games

    18572 valoraciones

    Block puzzle set in 3D and inspired by classic brick games and tangram puzzle. Addictive & challenging timekiller game: no time limit, no rush. How to play • Drag the blocks to move them. • Tap to fit blocks into the empty space to complete ver...

  • Toy Truck Rally 3D

    Toy Truck Rally 3D


    239520 valoraciones

    This game lets you enjoy the fun of controlling a tiny toy truck. Complete timed obstacle courses and see where you rank compared to other players or drive your truck in a free roam environment. Control your truck by tilting your device, or use...

  • Rotor Episode 1 Free Rotor Episode 1 Free

    Rotor Episode 1 Free

    Snjohus Software ehf.

    169 valoraciones

    Rotor is a fast paced action adventure game that takes place on the beautiful colony world of Djeseru. Having left their oppressive mother world several decades ago the colonists are forced to use their only intact space-worthy vessel to seek help...

  • Collapse! Blast: Match 3 Free Collapse! Blast: Match 3 Free

    Collapse! Blast: Match 3 Free


    22882 valoraciones

    Our popular Facebook puzzle game, Collapse! Blast is now available for Android. Collapse! Blast brings you and your friends uncontrollable, block-busting, matching fun that never ends. Invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to weekly...

  • Little Things® Forever

    Little Things® Forever


    34405 valoraciones

    * Unique and beautiful seek and find game for people of all ages. * 90% * Thousands of little things to find. * Incredible artwork and a beautiful soundtrack. * Randomly generated lists of things to find means you can be...

  • Autumn Walk

    Autumn Walk

    Monster and Monster

    1415 valoraciones

    Autumn Walk is a quirky little game about walking your dog and is suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations! Lovingly crafted for all you gorgeous people by Monster and Monster - Purveyors of fine interactive wares and...

  • Shadow Snake HD

    Shadow Snake HD

    Dmitriy Pyalov

    465 valoraciones

    Shadow Snake is a completely new twist on the familiar snake game. Now it follows a wave of the finger, responding to any touch. Your mission takes you through the Temples of the Elements. Each one, Nature, Fire, Air and Ice, has its own surprises...

  • Need A Hero Need A Hero

    Need A Hero

    Game Insight

    101057 valoraciones

    Gear up, grab your donkey friend, and venture on a magical odyssey full of humor, intense fighting, and competitive tension! Challenge other players in Arcade mode by solving puzzles in 60 seconds or set out on a never-ending quest to rescue the...

  • Boomlings Boomlings


    RobTop Games

    8033 valoraciones

    Can you handle The Boom? * Nominee, Best Mobile Game 2012 - Swedish Game Awards "Boomlings might not be a famous name like Bejeweled or Collapse, but it deserves attention!" - The Guardian "Imagine Bejeweled... with explosions." - Android Police...

  • Colmena Alienígena(Alien Hive) Colmena Alienígena(Alien Hive)

    Colmena Alienígena(Alien Hive)

    Appxplore Sdn Bhd

    90441 valoraciones

    ★ "Indie Showcase Top 10 Award & Best Art Award." - Casual Connect Asia 2013  ★ "Appxplore brings us yet another fun and addicting puzzle game that is unique to any other." - GameDynamo, EDITORS' CHOICE! ★ "Alien Hive looks and feels like the best p...

  • Putki



    410 valoraciones

    ★★★ WARNING THIS GAME IS EXTREMELY ADDICTING ★★★ How long can you last? Are your reflexes fast enought? Can you beat the highscores? Dodge the oncoming obstacles and find out! Features : - Openfeint leaderboards - 5 Unique stages - Simple and...

  • Rhythm Racer 2

    Rhythm Racer 2

    AvatarLabs, Inc.

    1461 valoraciones

    Get Rhythm Racer 2 for Android if you like to ROCK and GO FAST! Keep the music playing and rack up points by hitting as many POWER UPS and JUMPS as you can - all in time to the music. If you miss, you'll know it! Recover quickly and you'll still...

  • Cubos Perdidos Cubos Perdidos

    Cubos Perdidos


    6094 valoraciones

    The Ecosystems on the Cube Home Worlds are breaking down. It's up to you, "The Hand of the Elements", to go to their rescue. Solve the puzzles and reconnect the world elements to restore the Cube Galaxy to its former glory. But beware ............

  • Puzzle Retreat Puzzle Retreat

    Puzzle Retreat

    The Voxel Agents

    49189 valoraciones

    Shut off the outside world. Relax, unwind and focus with a new type of puzzle that is both simple to learn and compellingly deep. Puzzle Retreat is a fresh challenge that will have you losing track of time and forgetting about the outside world....

  • Doc & Dog

    Doc & Dog

    Destiny Games LLC

    2722 valoraciones

    You are a Mad Scientist who in a matter of seconds can invent just about anything and build it from almost nothing. Just a couple of minutes ago, you had a makeshift rocket and a strong desire to get away from an uninhabited island. Getting away...

  • INC:The Beginning FREE

    INC:The Beginning FREE


    3310 valoraciones

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- ** FULL FREE VERSION comes with Advertising, grab the Paid version if you...

  • Lightopus Lightopus


    Appxplore Sdn Bhd

    15322 valoraciones

    All the Lightopuses in the Abyss were killed and their remaining young captured by the monsters of the Abyss. You are the only Lightopus alive, a species on the brink of extinction. Your mission is to rescue the young Lightopus and free them from...

  • Jelly Band

    Jelly Band

    Infinite Dreams

    27364 valoraciones

    Jelly Band is a colorful and enjoyable journey into the world of amazing sounds! Create your own interactive Jelly orchestra and get mesmerized by the soulful melodies you create! Once again meet with your Jelly friends and thanks to their help...

  • Extreme Skater

    Extreme Skater

    176040 valoraciones

    Extreme skateboarding in your pocket! Shred through hills and forests in a quest to collect all the fallen meteor fragments and harness the full power of the meteor! Jump, flip, turn and grind! Tap, swipe, hold and tilt! The more tricks you land...

  • Pipe Rider

    Pipe Rider

    Agens AS

    1126 valoraciones

    You are 1000 meters below sea level at the Ormen Lange gas field. Your objective is to race as fast as possible through the gas pipeline to the finish line in England. You have to handle tough conditions. Use the antifreeze gun to shoot away ice...

  • Exile Exile


    Sphero Inc.

    1313 valoraciones

    The universe is in your hands. 
A totally new take on arcade-style space fighter games. Sphero has been exiled from his home planet and must fight his way back to save all Robot kind. Fly through space while destroying enemies and collecting energy c...

  • Real Racing 3

    Real Racing 3


    284100 valoraciones

    **#1 Top Free App in over 100 countries** Real Racing 3 is the award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games – you have to play it to believe it. This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using y...

  • Super Penguins Super Penguins

    Super Penguins


    189098 valoraciones

    ★★★★★ Help the Penguins rescue their friends from the evil octopus, while avoiding obstacles and eating delicious fish! in this new ★FREE!★ Android Hit Title! ★ Fun and Colorful Graphics ★ Simple touch & tilt controls - Everyone can play! ★ Lots of f...

  • Super Monkey Run

    Super Monkey Run


    1094 valoraciones

    Help Juky to escape the monster of the post-apocalyptic city, in a brand new 3D Platformer ! To celebrate the non-end of the world SUPER MONKEY RUN is FREE ! Tired of casual runner gameplay ? Remember what a real platformer is ? Well it's time...

  • Bionfly



    287 valoraciones

    Bionfly is a platforms retro-looking 2D, simple gameplay and a powerful soundtrack Lo-fi music for Hi-tech people! Help our friend bionic with mustache and glasses to collect total Onyxs stones that are scattered throughout the strange Phobos...

  • Agent Dash Agent Dash

    Agent Dash

    Full Fat

    365430 valoraciones

    RUN FOR QUEEN & COUNTRY The ultimate spy blockbuster! Enjoyed by over 20 million players, sneak into the top secret action game from the makers of Flick Golf, All Star Quarterback & Flick Soccer. It's the most intense, explosive running game that...

  • Sporos Sporos


    Appxplore Sdn Bhd

    138831 valoraciones

    ★ Google Play Featured and Staff Picks ★ 1 of 45 Best New Android Game chosen by Android Police. ★ "AppXplore created a great puzzle game with Sporos. Addicting and challenging." - NWCN, 5/5 ★ "A slow-paced puzzle for the thinker" - CNET, 4/5 (Excell...

  • Shadow Cave: The Escape

    Shadow Cave: The Escape

    Artbit Studios

    6748 valoraciones

    CAN you escape the 9 caves? IN SHADOW CAVE, you must guide your character through dark caves, trying to escape the level without smashing into the darkness. What starts as an easy premise, quickly becomes a challenging adventure as paths become...

  • Briquid Free

    Briquid Free


    33 valoraciones

    Briquid is the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE for puzzle fans! 148Apps - "I finally found the game I had been searching for!" 4.5/5 stars AppAdvice - "Fans of the genre will enjoy the subtle uniqueness" 5/5 stars Jayisgames - "A fantastic puzzle game" BREAK....

  • Pixel Rain

    Pixel Rain

    Silicon Studio

    4511 valoraciones

    Pixel Rain is completely free - no ads or in-app purchases inside! Amazing physics game. Protect your diamonds and coins from a rain of deadly pixels and blocks! "Pixel Rain has very pleasant graphics and fun challenges. Overall, a great puzzle...

  • Manuganu


    Alper Sarıkaya

    291530 valoraciones

    PURE ACTION Run, jump and slide from ropes, dodge rocks! Not enough? There is much more in Manuganu. Avoid swinging hammers and jump over moving ice blocks. Don’t get burned and jump between walls to collect coins and medallions. Break stone blocks a...

  • Crumble Zone

    Crumble Zone

    Rebel Twins

    18383 valoraciones

    Crumble Zone is an action-packed arcade game about a little, green alien who works hard just to fight for his tiny planet. The thing is to shoot down asteroids while rotating around a planet to get the highest score possible. Crash comets! Blow up...

  • RopeBot Lite - Bot Game

    RopeBot Lite - Bot Game

    Tapps Games

    1119 valoraciones

    Enjoy your free time with this top funny action, brain & puzzle game! Rope-Bot is a little, yet skilled, robot searching for his lost Golden Screws as he unveils the mystery of an abandoned factory. Join him as he breaks in through the many...

  • Cubed Rally Redline

    Cubed Rally Redline


    7407 valoraciones

    Named a Best Arcade Game! by TouchArcade Push it to the limit in the follow up to the micro hit Cubed Rally Racer! Just how far can you make it down the track in this endless racer? - 11 unlockable vehicles - speed boat vehicle switching action...

  • Deflecticon Lite

    Deflecticon Lite


    225 valoraciones

    DEMO VERSION - FULL GAME NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE We can no longer support the application so have made it completely free. We shall leave this smaller download trial version for the moment. Based on classic games such as 3D Pong and Curve Ball,...

  • Jelly Dash Jelly Dash

    Jelly Dash

    Orca Inc.

    8201 valoraciones

    [Event] Thank you for 47k Likes on Facebook & 1 Million Downloads! Enjoy Jelly Dash unlimitedly till 18th, November! Connect the jelly blocks so they explode at your fingertips! A puzzle game that's always refreshing, Jelly Dash! ✔ Easy to learn g...

  • Paper Racer

    Paper Racer

    Black Coal Studio

    845 valoraciones

    ARE YOU READY FOR REAL HIGH-SPEED ACTION IN MICRO SIZE? Then buckle up and put the pedal to the metal while playing Paper Racer. Gain access to new tracks and prizes with each triumph and test yourself against drivers from across the globe. Create...

  • Transporters


    AB Volvo

    8626 valoraciones

    The Volvo Group proudly presents: Transporters. The first game ever from the Volvo Group is a high paced racing puzzle full of action. Now downloaded more than 2 million times! Grab the wheel, race like the wind and see if you can move the world....

  • Epic Citadel

    Epic Citadel

    Unreal Engine

    24225 valoraciones

    Enter Epic Citadel, the dynamic fantasy setting of the award-winning Infinity Blade. From the circus bazaar to the sweeping cathedral in the center of town, Epic Citadel dazzles with a visual parade of special effects, as only imagined by Epic...

  • Jailbreak! Prison Break Game

    Jailbreak! Prison Break Game

    Tapps Games

    2438 valoraciones

    Night has fallen and prisoners have escaped from the jail. Find them in the silence of night without disturbing the incautious innocents that walk by the streets unaware of the situation. Arrest all prisoners to maintain the order and safety of...

  • Para los Robots

    Para los Robots

    Ludus Studio

    5939 valoraciones

    Robots are taking over the world, invading the last undamaged territories. Hire the skillful guys from the deep woods to push the robots off to the city ruins where their factory is placed. Win battles to gather resources. Rank up your characters...

  • Benji Bananas

    Benji Bananas


    1008214 valoraciones

    The best action adventure game on your Android! And it's free! Exciting and fun physics based adventure game! Fly from vine to vine, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle. Earn bananas to get upgrades, specials and power ups....

  • Paper War for 2 Players Paper War for 2 Players

    Paper War for 2 Players


    17934 valoraciones

    If you like 2 Player Reactor, you must like our game too! The game is best for killing boring time between boys and girls. So you can entertain your close friends at the moment. "Snazzy, hand-drawn graphics and three different modes of gameplay...

  • Paddletronic Duel

    Paddletronic Duel

    Bursting Brains

    65 valoraciones

    Paddletronic Duel is a brand new break-through tablet game that has reinvented and futurized the classic arcade game Pong, taking it to an entirely new level. In this game, players battle back and forth in the midst of dynamic obstacles and...

  • Bugs Army! [Tower Defence] Bugs Army! [Tower Defence]

    Bugs Army! [Tower Defence]

    COLOPL, Inc.

    2259 valoraciones

    "Bugs Army!" is a Tower Defence game! Repel the various bugs invading the house by attacking with weapons! No registration required, and it is easy to play! You can start playing anytime and anywhere! In a calm afternoon, fearsome bugs started...

  • Robo5: 3D Action Puzzle

    Robo5: 3D Action Puzzle


    20042 valoraciones

    Robo5 is a 3D action puzzle game that gives you control of a tiny robot climbing a fearsome mountain of boxes in a strange decaying future world. Test your skill in this innovative and creative game featured in a Steampunk dystopia of mechanical...

  • Asva The Monkey

    Asva The Monkey

    Sabay Osja

    1639 valoraciones

    "Asva is extremely addicting and might get you hooked on the first try." - AppCraver Review (Rating: 5/5) "Beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay" - Apps4Review Review (Rating: 4.5/5) "Asva The Monkey HD is an adorable logic-puzzler." -...

  • Bouncy Ball 2.5D

    Bouncy Ball 2.5D


    34134 valoraciones

    Waited for Bouncy Ball 2? Bouncy Ball 2 finally been launched. ★★ Bouncy Ball series records (in Republic of Korea)★★ ★Top 1 Offline free game★ ★Top 2 Free application★ ★Top 2 Brain & Puzzle game★ Bouncy Ball 2.5D is sequel to best killing-time g...

  • Armorslays 2

    Armorslays 2

    Centurysoft International Limited

    4367 valoraciones

    Armorslays sends hundreds of bosses and their minions to threaten your Front Lines, your Seabase and Jungle Territory. You are completely on your own! It is lucky that you are a survivor, a robot who bears several weapons and has the ability to...




    184260 valoraciones

    Grab the wheel, load up your guns, hit the road and leave the mangled wrecks of your victories in the dust as you battle to become the best in the exciting vehicular combat game Indestructible! Are you sick of all those boring, repetitive...

  • Raccoon Rising Raccoon Rising

    Raccoon Rising

    Romper Games

    2187 valoraciones

    INTRODUCING RACCOON RISING — A NEW ROMPER GAME CO-DEVELOPED WITH PIXELNAUTS Award Winner 'Silver' – Pocket Gamer: “A brilliantly built piece of platforming action” 90% Indie Game Magazine “Raccoon Rising has that “just-one-more-go” feeling to it,...

  • Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga

    Candy Crush Saga


    17207624 valoraciones

    Candy Crush Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Farm Heroes Saga! Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee on their sweet adventure through the Candy Kingdom. Travel through magical lands, visiting wondrous places and meeting deliciously kooky...

  • tiro al arco

    tiro al arco

    Innovative games

    110317 valoraciones

    This is a bow and arrow game. The game play is to shoot a Target board with bow and arrow and make a great high score. You can also submit your score and compete with the world. The physics animation used in this game is very detailed and...

  • Jet Space

    Jet Space


    296 valoraciones

    Jet Space is a shoot'em up game based on an old and best shoot'em up games with many new ideas! GAME STORY: Year 2560, the enemy planet Qubus-5. You are the pilot-in-command of Venom-X spacecraft. What you need to do to complete the mission is...

  • STICK NINJA [Slash! Hero] STICK NINJA [Slash! Hero]

    STICK NINJA [Slash! Hero]


    43296 valoraciones

    Slaaaaaaash!! Here comes the hero with the red scarf again! Dark side of the hero!? Destroy the black hero! > - Tap to slash the【target】 - Bonus score for successive attacks! - Invode[[[【FIRE!!】]]]for close attacks and earn super b...

  • Antibody Boost

    Antibody Boost

    Circle of Judgement

    223 valoraciones

    Take control of a heroic antibody and engage swarms of dangerous antigens. In this arcade style shooter use precision shots and time your movements carefully to survive the escalating waves. Improve your reflexes and master your nerves to climb...

  • Chicken Invaders 4

    Chicken Invaders 4

    Betacom (UK) S.A.

    42938 valoraciones

    A funny take of an old classic. Glad they finally ported these games to mobile. It's just as awesome here as in the PC.

  • Yumby Smash

    Yumby Smash


    13863 valoraciones

    The design is well executed, although I'm not exactly fond of this game.

  • Endless Climbers Endless Climbers

    Endless Climbers

    URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

    347 valoraciones

    A fun and simple two player game. It's worth at least a try.

  • A Bird's Journey

    A Bird's Journey

    Salad Gamer

    1876 valoraciones

    I really like the graphics in this game, I also found the leveling system interesting.

  • Brix Free HD Brix Free HD

    Brix Free HD


    409 valoraciones

    Beautiful tetris remake. The graphics and music fit well together.

  • Save the Puppies

    Save the Puppies


    66570 valoraciones

    I like these kind of games with an isometric design. It's also pretty cute...

  • Glass Tower 3+ Glass Tower 3+

    Glass Tower 3+


    5769 valoraciones

    The graphics are beautiful, and the level editor makes it even more fun.

  • Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free

    Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free


    173720 valoraciones

    Love the whole DIY concept of this game and how it makes you think out of the box.

  • [ねこゲーム]にゃんこ大冒険 [ねこゲーム]にゃんこ大冒険



    268 valoraciones

    Who can stand so much cute? It's not too elaborate but nice to play.

  • Winter Walk

    Winter Walk

    Monster and Monster

    2106 valoraciones

    This game is simple but everything about it is well made, fun to play too.

  • 4 Pics 1 Word 4 Pics 1 Word

    4 Pics 1 Word

    LOTUM GmbH

    1016266 valoraciones

    Nice and simple word play, although I found it too easy at times.

  • Critter Escape!

    Critter Escape!


    6648 valoraciones

    Escape from a secret research facility in this stealth-based adventure game. Play as a test specimen and make your way through the maze-like corridors of Welk Tower, avoiding guards and collecting items. Intuitive controls and comical animations...

  • Replica Island

    Replica Island

    Team Replica

    19483 valoraciones

    Professor Kabochanomizu needs your help! He has created you--a small green robot with rockets for feet--to locate a mysterious artifact on a bizarre island. Fly, stomp, and roll your way through 40 challenging levels to 3 unique endings!

  • Doptrix Evolution Doptrix Evolution

    Doptrix Evolution

    Doptrix Software

    217 valoraciones

    IMPORTANT: Doptrix Evolution is now discontinued! Please download the main game - Doptrix. It now combines features from both games and lots of new cool stuff! If you've previously purchased Doptrix Evolution Unlocker, don't worry - your copy of...

  • Pig Rush

    Pig Rush


    7438 valoraciones

    Pig Rush is a game that is fun for the whole family. Kids love it - if they can get it away from their parents!! *** NEW Check Pig Rush on Facebook! *** *** NOTE: Pig Rush requires a minimum ARMv7 processor to run. If your...

  • E-Ocean - Submarine Robot Wars E-Ocean - Submarine Robot Wars

    E-Ocean - Submarine Robot Wars

    FightingFish Games

    374 valoraciones

    FREE version! (Ads supported) ★★★★★ A very funny underwater fast-paced cartoon arcade shooter game only for Android! In a distant future, when it became impossible to live on earth, humanity built its high-tech metropolis on the ocean floor! Bu...

  • Ponon! Deluxe Ponon! Deluxe

    Ponon! Deluxe


    2477 valoraciones

    If you think you’ve played Tetris before, think again! Ponon brings new challenges (and advantages) to one of the world’s most famous games. Fit the glowing pieces to make full horizontal lines in order to disappear. Use the ghost guide on the bot...

  • Neon Zone FREE Neon Zone FREE

    Neon Zone FREE

    House on Fire

    1346 valoraciones

    "Neon Zone is a charming little title that evokes the style of something like Osmos, and the ingenious fun of – dare I say it? – Portal" – Bits n Bytes Gaming "The task is trying to pen up this review without glancing over at the game again for fear ...

  • Neoteria FREE

    Neoteria FREE


    1585 valoraciones

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- ** We will add new content when we reach 20.000 downloads across all...

  • Choo Choo Like a Hobo Choo Choo Like a Hobo

    Choo Choo Like a Hobo


    289 valoraciones

    Warning: Very Simple but Very, Very Hard. Just tap the screen as fast as you can, and try and catch some soup along the way to give your hobo energy to escape. Completelly Free of annoying banners ads. So consider donating a buck for the...

  • Cognitile


    Express Media, Inc.

    378 valoraciones

    Cognitile throws you, a budding adventurer on a tile-based journey! Use the power of Cog Vision to watch the sequence of hazards at the beginning of a level and then carve a safe path through the mayhem by memory to find the hidden treasure. Make...

  • Glow Hockey 2 Glow Hockey 2

    Glow Hockey 2

    Natenai Ariyatrakool

    406947 valoraciones

    Happy New Year with the New "Christmas" Theme !!! ******************************* Glow Hockey 2 delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends! FEATURES:...

  • Cubes spatial reasoning FREE Cubes spatial reasoning FREE

    Cubes spatial reasoning FREE


    135 valoraciones

    Training for "Spatial reasoning" psychometric tests: you get shown a cube layout like it's cut out of paper but not folded yet, and a series of cube pictures to tell if they could be folded out of that layout. Features simple and complex layouts,...

  • Galaga Special Edition Free Galaga Special Edition Free

    Galaga Special Edition Free

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    10151 valoraciones

    The legendary hit arcade shooter returns with Galaga Special Edition! Featuring a new twist on the classic gameplay, slick new graphics and devastating weapon power-ups, the fate of the galaxy lies in your hands! Board your fighter and prepare to...

  • Squares Are Better

    Squares Are Better

    Petras Zdanavičius

    411 valoraciones

    Squares are better than circles. The only way to prove it is to destroy all circles. "Squares Are Better is one of the most addictive games I’ve played recently" ANDROID-APPS.COM Gameplay: - Use Your squares to destroy circles - Shoot squares by d...

  • Scribble Racer - S Pen Scribble Racer - S Pen

    Scribble Racer - S Pen


    6772 valoraciones

    Follow the line with your finger or pen while the track scrolls faster and faster. The competition against your friends is on, stay in the line and make the highest score! The lovely hand drawn tracks are full of collectable fruits, stars and...

  • Equivalence. Equivalence.



    190 valoraciones

    -- New mode "Level Challenge" added! -- Aim the "Level 100" by clearing the stage appearing Are you confident of your concentration? “equivalence” will train your concentration and reaction speed, in less than a minute! The rule is simple: Tap the...

  • Taumi - Disc Challenge

    Taumi - Disc Challenge

    Quantized Bit

    2256 valoraciones

    The arcade classics ultimate mega mix. It's a flying disc game which is a fun blend of Air Hockey and Ping Pong games. A pure oldschool awesomeness, and yes it is difficult too. Taumi, Badd, Fobot and Pixel - single player mode test your skills...

  • Calculator Quest Calculator Quest

    Calculator Quest

    URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

    1208 valoraciones

    A calculator and an RPG combine to form a miraculous hybrid! Includes bonus quick-typing game and math game! ※Rest assured, this app also works as a calculator. ★Use for regular calculator operations! Calc mode! ★Type the numbers and symbols as fast ...

  • Corn Zone

    Corn Zone

    URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

    286 valoraciones

    Presenting a new style of corn-grabbing action game! Pluck corn kernels to your heart's content! Then, explore the creature-raising mini-game also included! How to play: 1: Rules ★Slide your finger across the screen to collect corn kernels. ★A cle...

  • Final Space Lite

    Final Space Lite

    Silesia Games Sp. z o.o.

    1505 valoraciones

    Prepare for star battle and save the universe - for FREE! Final Space is impressive and dynamic 3D action game that will give you lots of fun. Story: ==================================== At the beginning of the XXV century, after the successful...

  • 8bit Ninja

    8bit Ninja

    DogByte Games

    5464 valoraciones

    WARNING! TOO ADDICTIVE TO PUT DOWN! In this juicy ninja game, your goal is to survive as long as possible while avoiding waves of melons, coconuts, oranges, lemons and the ultra rare dragon fruits! Use your ninja weapon arsenal to blow the fruits...

  • Math Workout Math Workout

    Math Workout

    Brain Training

    59289 valoraciones

    With MILLIONS of worldwide downloads, we think your brain will ♥ Math Workout. AS FEATURED IN: - 'Amazing Android Apps for Dummies' - D. Begun, 2011 - 'Best Android Apps' B. Sawyer, 2010 Keep your mind healthy, test your mental math and exercise y...

  • Jet Car Stunts Lite

    Jet Car Stunts Lite

    True Axis

    35753 valoraciones

    Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments. The orgininal levels, tight controls...

  • Cylindix Cylindix


    Benjamin Rosseaux

    44 valoraciones

    A 2.5D falling blocks game where the blocks fall on a 3D-cylinder. The game is financed by advertising through AdMob, so it's also free. And it has app2sd support. IMPORTANT: It's only for highend (and possibly good-performance midrange) android...

  • Abduction! 2: Free Abduction! 2: Free

    Abduction! 2: Free

    Psym Mobile

    4683 valoraciones

    Jump your way to the top of dozens of vibrant landscapes! This free, ad supported version now has all the content of the paid version!

  • Noiz2 Noiz2


    Alistair Rutherford

    278 valoraciones

    Vector-graphics shoot-em-up from Kenta Cho. Ported to Android. Avoid the bullets. Shoot the enemy. Collect the green stars to build your shield.

  • Robotek



    102368 valoraciones

    The humanity had fallen. In the great robot uprising machines took the planet over. Empire of Machine is the new world order. It's time to take it back! One node at a time. ★ Free ONLINE MULTIPLAYER ★ Unique blend of strategy, action and RPG. ★ M...

  • Parkour: Roof Riders Lite Parkour: Roof Riders Lite

    Parkour: Roof Riders Lite


    46242 valoraciones

    Become a professional Traceur! Run over the different amazing roofs, but be careful! You may fall in the attempt... ★★★★★ By Klayton A. Korstjens (June 1, 2011) "Its the first Parkour game that I have seen, much less played, and I was quite impressed...

  • ShakyTower (physics game) ShakyTower (physics game)

    ShakyTower (physics game)


    33022 valoraciones

    ShakyTower is a totally free challenging physics game with a twist. "Many-faceted game with a lot going on. Very fun and addicting", "Mind blowing fun, love it" ★ ShakyTower on The Sunday Times App List 2012! (500 best apps of the year) ★ ★ Almos...

  • Stardunk



    50830 valoraciones

    Bastketball in Space with thousands of players from Earth. Stardunk is a Massively Multiplayer Online Basketball where you play against all the players from the planet Earth in realtime. Close to 3 million have downloaded and are enjoying...

  • Bouncy Mouse Free

    Bouncy Mouse Free

    Munkadoo Games LLC

    13935 valoraciones

    *NOTE: If you are an existing customer who has paid for the in-app purchase, you will still have the full, ad-free, experience when using this version! Better yet, you'll get the new "Double Hearts" item for free!...

  • CJ: Strike Back CJ: Strike Back

    CJ: Strike Back

    Droidhen Casual

    28786 valoraciones

    Aliens are invading, the city is in danger - It's time for human to strike back, to defeat aliens invasion! Jump to fight against mechanized troops, kill the boss of aliens, and achieve all tasks to save the city! # Tap screen to jump to kill...

  • Switch



    2008 valoraciones

    We've removed Pocket Change after a long wait to see if they improved their system but no progress has been made so the game is now again back to it's original state, free to play with ad support Check out some of the great quotes we have...

  • Apparatus LITE

    Apparatus LITE


    16818 valoraciones

    Apparatus is a physics game where you have to set up simple mechanical structures to move one or several marbles to the goal. This is the lite version, featuring a few levels from the full version. Some features from the full version are disabled...

  • Elemental - Alchemy Puzzle Elemental - Alchemy Puzzle

    Elemental - Alchemy Puzzle


    23676 valoraciones

    If you are a fan of games like Sudoku but you are sick of numbers, Elemental is your game! Use your brain to create elements by mixing earth, air, fire and water to solve puzzles. Complete puzzles as fast as you can and win the high score. You can...

  • Good Robot Bad Robot 3D

    Good Robot Bad Robot 3D

    Sun Dried Games

    1574 valoraciones

    *** WELCOME TO THE GARAGE MAYHEM Dr. Robotov’s robotic creations live in his house, happily helping with the household chores. Until one night, Dr. Robotov’s evil rival inventor infected the robotic grid with a virus that rendered all the good rob...

  • Tank Hero

    Tank Hero

    Clapfoot Inc.

    383724 valoraciones

    Fast paced 3D tank action on your Android phone. Take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. Battle against cunning enemies and become the Tank Hero! "Tank Hero is a fun, simple game that evolves the concept" - Slide To Play...

  • Tank Hero: Laser Wars

    Tank Hero: Laser Wars

    Clapfoot Inc.

    151617 valoraciones

    NO IN-APP PURCHASES. FULL GAME IS FREE! The follow up to the hit puzzle action game Tank Hero has finally arrived! Charge your lasers and get ready to take the fight to new battlegrounds that will challenge you like never before. Equip your tank...

  • Roblade:Design&Fight



    8716 valoraciones

    Roblade: Extreme Freedom of Assembly!Unlimited fights with your own designed robot! Roblade combines the two worlds of robot design and fast paced fighting. It allows you to design your own robots using different parts, and then bring them to...

  • EDGE Demo EDGE Demo

    EDGE Demo

    Mobigame S.A.R.L.

    58303 valoraciones

    Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make EDGE a rich and very comprehensive game. Try out twelve levels for FREE in this demo version of EDGE. You can play...

  • USAF Make It Fly

    USAF Make It Fly


    2230 valoraciones

    Do you have what it takes to design the next generation Air Force fighter jet? Or the first ever remotely piloted, long-range bomber? This fun and challenging game from the U.S. Air Force lets you test your engineering prowess by building and then...

  • Cuentos para Dormir Cuentos para Dormir

    Cuentos para Dormir


    725 valoraciones

    ¿Será que tus hijos siempre te piden que les lees un cuento antes de ir a la cama? ¿Será que están aburridos de los mismos libros antiguos que tiene en casa? ¿Te está acabando la imaginación y querrías que tu teléfono o tableta te echase una mano?...

  • Frisbee(R) Forever

    Frisbee(R) Forever


    92063 valoraciones

    Now available for FREE. Go wild in the worlds of Frisbee® Forever! A fast-paced game with super crisp HD, 3D graphics. Get ready for blast-off. Fly at breathtaking speed across more than 100 crazy tracks. Twist and turn in the California Theme...

  • Slime vs. Mushroom2 Slime vs. Mushroom2

    Slime vs. Mushroom2


    94628 valoraciones

    As the war of mushrooms and slimes lasted for a long time, they developed their skills to cope with. Someday there was a big conflict between them, as a result the leader of slime village was killed in the battle. Without the leader, they were...

  • The Marbians

    The Marbians

    Nordisk Film Interactive

    444 valoraciones

    NEW! Now you can play ALL the levels in The Marbians Free version (Ads) and upgrade to the all ad-free-Marbian-nutriant version, and leave those 'messages' behind! ★★★ 500.000 DOWNLOADS! 500.000 PEOPLE ADDICTED TO SAVING THE MARBIANS CAN'T BE WRONG...

  • The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII

    The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII

    Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

    86501 valoraciones

    Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VII" is an epic interactive comic book experience through the design logs of super hero Tony Stark as he journeys from his Mark I armor, used to escape from captivity in...

  • Atomic Super Boss Atomic Super Boss

    Atomic Super Boss


    224 valoraciones

    If you’re looking for an outer space game, this one is a classic! The enemy Atomic Super Boss is trying to destroy your ship but with the proper equipment and skill, you can dominate the enemy with all his powerful weapons! See what kind of i...

  • Zebulon Zebulon


    Hosted Games

    332 valoraciones

    Journey through Space and uncover the secrets of the asteroid Zebulon! Pilot a spacecraft with two loyal sidekicks and your pet goldfish Henry. Travel to the Moon, meet some interesting characters, and then blast off to the Asteroid Belt. Along...

  • NF: Envoy NF: Envoy

    NF: Envoy


    104 valoraciones

    Let your character "Navigate Fate" in this interactive game book, "Envoy". You are on a mission to investigate a strange object that has entered the solar system... Features: Themes, Auto-bookmarks, Back 1 page, Choose page. This is my first...

  • Rebirth


    +1 Labs

    675 valoraciones

    WARNING: There is a known issue on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices that causes the app to crash. We are working on it. Stay tuned. The app works on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Rebirth is a falling block puzzler with amazing visual effects....

  • ColoQ


    SHADE Inc.

    690 valoraciones

    ColoQ is "New type 3D puzzle game". The player controls cute characters on the cubic maps of divided by 3 lines horizontally and vertically and the player stomp the monsters flat by rotating lines of the cubic maps and beat them. If you could beat...

  • Strikefleet Omega™ - Play Now! Strikefleet Omega™ - Play Now!

    Strikefleet Omega™ - Play Now!


    104607 valoraciones

    Best of 2012 Winner on Google Play, featured as Staff Pick! Don't miss it, you will like it. Download Strikefleet Omega™ Now! “Strikefleet Omega may very well be the best strategy game available for phones and tablets right now.” - EGM “It's a must-...

  • Forever Drive

    Forever Drive

    Red Robot Labs

    3726 valoraciones

    Forever Drive is a fast-paced racing game set in a futuristic 3D city made by YOU, the players. Using the In-game Track Editor, tracks made by different players are joined together into a never-ending neon racetrack. Race on tracks to gain...

  • JAZZ: Trump's Journey

    JAZZ: Trump's Journey


    6284 valoraciones

    Play the first 2 levels for Free ***** Then unlock the full version directly from within the app ***** And enjoy this exceptionaly polished platformer! ***** Don't miss out on this great gameplay experience ***** You will love it too! "Jazz has...

  • Oddbot Workshop Oddbot Workshop

    Oddbot Workshop

    PlayNext Japan Inc.

    2381 valoraciones

    Assemble wacky little Oddbots in the new game Oddbot Workshop. You're the new owner of a local Robot Workshop. Work with your assistant Keyli to build new robots and develop the biggest robot factory in the world! ★Create odd little robots from y...

  • TapTapSumo TapTapSumo



    276 valoraciones

    Tap Tap Sumo is an action game based on a Japanese traditional game 'Paper Sumo'. You will start the match as a little paper sumo wrestler, but can be stronger by exchange of the character which you beated down. Each character has different bout...

  • Celestial Assault

    Celestial Assault

    Lucid Vision Games

    859 valoraciones

    Celestial Assault is a blend of retro style side scrolling space shooter and RPG. Destroy enemies to gain experience, collect items and gold to upgrade your ships weapons and attributes until you cut through the toughest foes like butter! Missions...

  • Bank Job

    Bank Job

    Screwtape Studios

    2635 valoraciones

    *****Major Update***** The game progression has changed! Upgrades have changed Hats removed Thank you for your continued support for Bank Job and Screwtape Studios. ************************* Bank Job is a challenging, fast paced, running game...

  • My Paper Plane 3 (3D) Lite

    My Paper Plane 3 (3D) Lite


    14129 valoraciones

    *** CHECK OUT OUR NEW APP - AURI *** *** AURI READS REDDIT AND RSS FEEDS IN A FUN, REALISTIC WAY *** *** SEARCH GOOGLE PLAY FOR "AURI" *** Grab stars and rack up massive combos as you guide your paper plane through exciting 3D environments. Take...

  • My Paper Plane 2 (3D) Full

    My Paper Plane 2 (3D) Full


    24579 valoraciones


  • Alpha Quadrant

    Alpha Quadrant

    Alien Bug

    625 valoraciones

    Alpha Quadrant is seriously one of the greatest things that will ever happen to you. Control a ship that is unwittingly propelled down a maze-like corridor, avoiding collisions for as long as possible. You bring the thumbs and we'll bring the...

  • Decoy


    Friendly Monster

    349 valoraciones

    Keep your ship clear of the aliens and lure them with decoys to their demise! Stay alive to break the high score or beat the challenges to unlock a secret. - Tilt controls your ship - Tap the screen to deploy a decoy - Don't get caught in the...

  • Fan Fan Pocket Fan Fan Pocket

    Fan Fan Pocket


    1583 valoraciones

    Virtual Fan, Pocket Fan, Cooling Fan -Virtual Air Cooling- Get a cool feeling! Enjoy the air blowing from this fan through your head (sort of)! This fan app offers a simulated, virtual fan with 3-speed fan technology. It features fan...

  • Cogs Demo

    Cogs Demo

    Lazy 8 Studios

    4472 valoraciones

    Cogs is a ground-breaking puzzle game where players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments. The free demo version includes just the first 8 puzzles. The full version comes with 50 puzzles and three...

  • Hamlet Hamlet


    Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

    14980 valoraciones

    TRY & BUY: UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! To play or not to play? That's a good question! And the answer is yes! Otherwise, you'll miss the hilarity that ensues when a man from the future accidentally hits Hamlet with his time...

  • Tic Tank Toe Multiplayer

    Tic Tank Toe Multiplayer


    161 valoraciones

    Play the brand new TicTankToe on your Android phone for free! Tired about silly games? This game will challenge you! App reviews: * Appolicious: "Play tictactoe with tanks. Fun!" Three stars. * Android-apps: "TicTankToe is a simple game, but a fun...

  • Cut the Rope FULL FREE Cut the Rope FULL FREE

    Cut the Rope FULL FREE


    1654431 valoraciones

    750 million downloads worldwide! Eager to learn more about Om Nom's adventures? Watch "Om Nom Stories" cartoons and other amazing videos on our YouTube channel! A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside...

  • X-Runner X-Runner



    37297 valoraciones

    Partake in this exhilarating runner game to feel the ultimate speed and challenge your agility! Try to avoid the barriers,go through the magic tunnel, jump over the space bridge... X runner is on the go! # Tilt phone to control # Tap on screen to...

  • Stylish Sprint Stylish Sprint

    Stylish Sprint

    playus soft

    51847 valoraciones

    Endless Dash! Jump! Flying! The powerful action running game, Stylish Sprint! Stylish Sprint is an action running game that you control a stickman who travels around the world in order to find treasure. You will experience extremely delightful and...

  • Top Gear: Stunt School SSR

    Top Gear: Stunt School SSR

    BBC Worldwide (Ltd)

    84441 valoraciones

    The official BBC Top Gear Game. Free Racing Game. Join the Millions who are playing Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution and download now! With incredible visuals, loads of outrageous cars, iconic world locations, endless and mostly ridiculous...

  • Bloo Niños

    Bloo Niños

    winterworks GmbH

    2960 valoraciones

    If you come across any bugs, please consider reporting them to before giving the game a low ranking. Thank you! *** STORY *** Help Bloo Kid to rescue his girlfriend from the hands of Evil in this fancy retro-style "one-screen"...

  • Backyard Archer (FREE) Backyard Archer (FREE)

    Backyard Archer (FREE)


    2305 valoraciones

    Practice your bow shooting skills and become a master of the the neighborhood league! This is the best archery game you can get! New game mode coming soon!

  • Boxel Boxel



    528 valoraciones

    Skillfully navigate through 3 unique level packs. Master your jumps and conquer your best time records. If you enjoyed playing The Impossible Game, you should give this app a shot!

  • The Little Crane That Could The Little Crane That Could

    The Little Crane That Could

    Game Studio Abraham Stolk

    54573 valoraciones

    Cranes are fun! In Little Crane you can operate a wide ranges of cranes. You can even fly a sky crane if you want. Over 14M users can't be wrong: the challenges are entertaining. The incredibly realistic simulation gives you full control over your...

  • rOtal



    422 valoraciones

    With this application you can train your mental rotation skills. Visit: Mental rotation is somewhat localized to the right cerebral hemisphere. It is thought to take place largely in the same areas as perception....

  • Versed (Bible verse game) Versed (Bible verse game)

    Versed (Bible verse game)

    A Sling and a Stone LLC

    835 valoraciones

    Versed(Bible verse game) is a tool to help you memorize Bible scripture. By helping apply the Bible in everyday life, Versed will better equip you to be a shining Christian example in a lost and dark world. The Bible is God's word. Our...

  • Rise of the Blobs Rise of the Blobs

    Rise of the Blobs

    Robot Invader

    16035 valoraciones

    You’ve never seen a puzzle game like this before! Waves of hungry blobs are making their way up a column towards our stranded marshmallow hero! Help Marsh Mal survive the invasion by filling blobs with fruit and popping them in massive chains. Once y...

  • Princess Punt THD

    Princess Punt THD


    3773 valoraciones

    Thanks for a breakthrough of 2 million downloads! *Let the Princess kick “soliders” up high!* "Princess Punt THD," a new genre of game called "Action Puzzle type RPG," debut! This game is stage-based format released for smartphone and tablet pla...

  • Raging Thunder 2 - FREE

    Raging Thunder 2 - FREE


    693696 valoraciones

    Raging Thunder 2 will take you through abandoned temples, tropical beaches, snow-covered mountains, the Great Wall and a range of other breathtaking vistas the world over! Key features: - Console quality 3D graphics - Cross-platform multiplayer...

  • Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters

    Pudding Monsters


    273691 valoraciones

    Sticky, curious… and DETERMINED TO GET BIGGER! "ZeptoLab looks to have another hit on its hands" - Guardian "The most fun you can have with pudding" - Kotaku From the makers of Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle a...

  • La Granja Sokoban 3D

    La Granja Sokoban 3D


    5783 valoraciones

    Feed your brain with classic puzzle game in completely new high-end 3d edition. Visit the magical garden and guide cute ladybug through mind-blowing puzzles to unlock new challenges. *Silver Medal from magazine* "Beautiful...

  • PewPew


    Jean-François Geyelin

    46183 valoraciones

    PewPew is the best multidirectional shoot them up on Android. It's basically megatons of enemies and many different game modes, everything rolled up with sweet smooth retro graphics. Win medals, unlock ships, and compete on the online ladder...



    liica, Inc.

    2865 valoraciones

    ■ Features - Pilot 3 fighter planes in formation or combine them to do battle as a Gladiator robot! - Power up your fighters' firepower with 9 types of subweapons! - Eradicate all foes on-screen with the Beam Saber, the Gladiator's ultimate weapon! ■...

  • 2 Jugadores Reactor 2 Jugadores Reactor

    2 Jugadores Reactor

    cool cherry trees

    167771 valoraciones

    2 Player Reactor is a fast, clean and funny reaction game for two players on the same device. Challenge your friends (or enemies) to a multiplayer battle of reflexes, wits and knowledge! Great as a bar game, ice breaker or to decide who has to do...

  • Sector Strike

    Sector Strike

    Clapfoot Inc.

    61333 valoraciones

    A futuristic shoot 'em up designed to challenge your reflexes and wits. Sector Strike combines the mechanics of old school space shooters and the aesthetics of modern 3D games. Great for fans of bullet hell games! Battle through relentless waves...

  • Battle Robots! Battle Robots!

    Battle Robots!

    COLOPL, Inc.

    80253 valoraciones

    Kuma the Bear has released its first fighting game,“Battle Robots!” Lead your robot to victory by defeating enemies and increasing your strength! This game features simple controls and no registration is required. Join the fun for free! In “Ba...

  • Inertia: Escape Velocity Lite

    Inertia: Escape Velocity Lite

    Red Fly Studio, Inc

    894 valoraciones

    ★ Over 300,000 downloads of Inertia! ★ "Inertia: Escape Velocity is a shining example of what the little guy can accomplish in today's indie-friendly video game market." - Kotaku "quite possibly the most elegant physics-defying platformer I’ve playe...

  • Space Wars 3D

    Space Wars 3D

    Shiny Box, LLC

    9230 valoraciones

    The galaxy is under attack and only your piloting can save us! A merciless alien race has their sights set on our planet, and the only opposition left is you! Pilot your ship through the galaxy blasting an alien race to pieces all in gorgeous 3D!...

  • Fenix Box

    Fenix Box

    Green Lava Studios

    4555 valoraciones

    ★Fenix Box and the Legend of the Cookie★ WARNING! This game tests how much of a hardcore gamer you are. You are not allowed to save your progress once you start playing. You have only 2 options: win the game or try your best. Let's see if you can mak...

  • La guerra Solar

    La guerra Solar


    26557 valoraciones

    This action packed space shooter combines 8 artistically magical 3D worlds, superb controls, challenging enemies, upgradable weapons, and futuristic sound effects to make for a truly immersive gaming experience. Whether playing with...

  • Voxel Invaders (Free) Voxel Invaders (Free)

    Voxel Invaders (Free)

    Noctua Software Limited

    13640 valoraciones

    Fight again waves of invaders in a pure arcade space shooter. A refresh of the old school arcade space shooters, with invaders made of voxels. Control is ultra simple, just move the spaceship in space with one finger, and auto-fire on the...

  • Vector



    2649515 valoraciones

    Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. The game opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. B...

  • Bunny Shooter

    Bunny Shooter

    Best Cool and Fun Games

    357198 valoraciones

    Bunnies have stolen your precious prize-award carrots! Those pests have come to your home and ruined your plantation! NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK! Grab your bow and get ready to get rid of these sadistics little ones, make your way through...

  • Salvo Saga (danmaku) Salvo Saga (danmaku)

    Salvo Saga (danmaku)

    COLOPL, Inc.

    548 valoraciones

    A DANMAKU shooter! DANMAKU is a really exciting game. It's also known as "Barrage", "Curtain Fire" or "Bullet Hell". Prologue In the distant past, we were once as one. Then, one day, we ventured into lands unknown-- a journey like a branching t...

  • Seal Force

    Seal Force

    Nordisk Film Interactive

    351 valoraciones

    2nd Highest Rated iPhone Game of Q4 2011 !!! – according to Quality Index The entire ocean is counting on you to help defeat the evil krill mastermind Krillian from poisoning the sea ! "I could easily see Seal Force as a Saturday morning cartoon. F...

  • ASCII pOrtal

    ASCII pOrtal


    679 valoraciones

    ASCII pOrtal is an ASCII 'demake' of Valves Portal. The original PC version was created by Joe Larson of Cymons Games ( Play online Use the onscreen...

  • Cubles Cubles



    426 valoraciones

    Are you looking for a highly addictive and super fun casual arcade/puzzle game? Then Cubles is THE game for you! It doesn't matter whether you are more into brain cracking puzzle games or simply like casual arcade games. This game offers it all...

  • Trid Trid



    655 valoraciones

    In Trid you'll be recreating patterns as fast as you can. For every pattern you get a tiny bit of extra time in order to finish the next one, don't assume this is easy though, Trid has a trick up his sleeve that will drive you nuts! ♦ Features ♦ • 5...



    Triolith Entertainment AB

    13648 valoraciones

    It’s Sci-fi robot platform blasting fun! Run; jump and examine the robot base while you combat the machine empire’s robots. Download MEGATROID now to experience why more than half a million gamers have downloaded it and why Google play featured it ...

  • Team Awesome

    Team Awesome

    67260 valoraciones

    GET AWESOME WITH TEAM AWESOME ON YOUR TABLET AND PHONE!! They were just four ordinary people, stuck in four dead-end jobs - until one day a mysterious meteor crashed to earth and made everything... AWESOME! Get ready for the explosive new...

  • Free The Birds

    Free The Birds

    luyen dm

    1714 valoraciones

    You are a fan of brain & puzzle game such as cut the rope, angry birds, gibbets ...? Don’t miss “Free The Birds”. Come to "Free The Birds" you will be immersed in a beautiful, funny, challenging and exciting world. Enter as an archer to rescue the c...

  • What's My IQ?™

    What's My IQ?™

    Orangenose Studios.

    208128 valoraciones

    Stupidness 2 & 3 ranked overall #1 in more than 20 countries, you will definitely won't want to miss it's sequel, What's My IQ?™. What's My IQ?™ is a whole new puzzle game with a series of creative puzzles, and absurd solutions that you will nev...

  • Choice of Broadsides Choice of Broadsides

    Choice of Broadsides

    Choice of Games LLC

    9040 valoraciones

    A swashbuckling naval adventure, in the spirit of C. S. Forester's Hornblower or Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin books, with a dash of Jane Austen. Choice of Broadsides is a free text-based game of multiple choice.

  • Super Brain Super Brain

    Super Brain

    CraZy Decigames

    2161 valoraciones

    Super Brain includes FOUR mini-games: * Memory training * Algorithm calculation * Observation * Arithmetic What you will get when buying the paid version of the game: - 48 levels in the game "Algorithm calculation" (in the free version - 12) - 32...

  • Shift It - Sliding Puzzle Shift It - Sliding Puzzle

    Shift It - Sliding Puzzle

    Gamegou Limited

    31179 valoraciones

    Shift It, the sliding puzzle game like none other on Android! Originally designed, a two dimensional Rubik's Cube (Magic Cube) with 300 challenges! There's no shortage of quick and fun puzzle games on Android, and Shift It still stands out as a...

  • RetroCosmos RetroCosmos


    Noctua Software Limited

    1019 valoraciones

    A retro arcade space invaders-like game. Protect our solar system against dozens of angry aliens. Enjoy more than 30 levels featuring 80's graphics, vintage sound effects and electro soundtracks! Controls require just one finger to move left/right...

  • Galaxy Hero [RPG] Galaxy Hero [RPG]

    Galaxy Hero [RPG]

    Pixel Blade

    3550 valoraciones

    Galaxy Hero is a top-scrolling shoot-em-up RPG hybrid. Think Final Fantasy mixed with Raiden or Strykers. Blast through waves of enemies using various weapons and earn experience points to increase your spaceship's power. Clear stages on the World...

  • Memory Trainer Memory Trainer

    Memory Trainer


    31287 valoraciones

    It has been recently scientifically proven that regular mental exercise can greatly improve your memory. This app has been designed to do just that! In particular, Memory Trainer works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and...

  • Destroy Gunners F

    Destroy Gunners F

    SHADE Inc.

    14734 valoraciones

    『Destroy Gunners F』 (Destroy Gunners series Vol.1) 【Description】   『Destroy Gunners F』brought out the limitation of the performance of the newest smartphones. This title is new generation 3D action shooting game that exceeded any past game machines...

  • Rico - Lite

    Rico - Lite


    1102 valoraciones

    Rico is an old school jump'n'run game! Run across the levels, jump over obstacles, climb mountains, explore caves, swim through water Collect crystals throughout each level Avoid mines, acid pits and various deadly enemies along the way Find...

  • Tip-Off Basketball

    Tip-Off Basketball


    54062 valoraciones

    Download Splash Basketball Online, our latest Player vs Player game! Tip-Off Basketball, is the winner of the Opera Top Apps Award 2012 in the Games / Arcade category "If you miss out on Tip-Off, you missed out on something...



    Activision Publishing, Inc.

    104116 valoraciones

    "On his 30th Anniversary, take control of Pitfall Harry™ once again in PITFALL!, inspired by the 1982 Classic that started it all, now re-envisioned and re-booted on Android! Escape the wrath on an angry volcano while collecting ancient treasures i...

  • Draw Something Free Draw Something Free

    Draw Something Free


    1054216 valoraciones

    Draw Something is the “World’s Most Popular Drawing Game”. Have fun with your friends and family exchanging doodle art. Sketch a perfect work of art and participate in our contests. Pick up your brush and start painting now. Highlights: • You don...

  • Penguin Run

    Penguin Run

    Skyboard Apps

    25215 valoraciones

    You’re a puny little penguin in the frozen arctic who’s been trapped in a cage by a hungry polar bear - what do you do? Gather your courage, kick the cage open… and run like heck! Penguin is a fast-paced running game that puts you in the flipp...

  • Planet Bom Bom Planet Bom Bom

    Planet Bom Bom

    URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

    180 valoraciones

    Defend your beloved planet! Launch the robot scout to destroy incoming meteorites and protect your planet from destruction! How to play: * Place your finger on the center of the planet and drag outward. Aim at the meteorites and release the...

  • Cordy 2

    Cordy 2

    SilverTree Media

    22527 valoraciones

    "Everything I want from a platformer is right here in Cordy 2." - Kotaku — Try before you buy! — SilverTree Media is proud to introduce Cordy 2! The sequel to the hit games Cordy and Cordy Sky! After a long and harrowing journey, Cordy and Volt fin...

  • Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?

    Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?


    8676 valoraciones

    Meet Wimp - a cute little blob! Wimp sees wonderful dreams... dreams full of adventure. In his dreams life has been quiet and peaceful, but in a sad twist of the story, Wimp's pants have been stolen! This is where the journey begins. Travel...

  • CrazyMachines GoldenGears Lite

    CrazyMachines GoldenGears Lite

    Viva Media

    18353 valoraciones

    “Touch screen controls are flawless and it couldn't be simpler to place, arrange or remove items from the inventory.” “And, it’s awesome.” “… it’s rare when physics are this much fun.” Android Apps 5/5 Stars “A fun and intellectual pu...

  • Penguin Patrol Free Penguin Patrol Free

    Penguin Patrol Free

    Grab Games, LLC

    145 valoraciones

    The evil (but oddly stylish) Walrus has stranded adorable baby penguins on thin ice, and it's up to the Penguin Patrol to save them! Manuever across over 75 levels, encountering several types of ice and penguins. But be careful - the ice breaks...

  • NinjaSwingDifficultMission NinjaSwingDifficultMission



    118 valoraciones

    Wire action game with Birds with Ninjas (Difficult version) (use GPS for ad)