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Reader, writer, painter apps, mostly for Android Tablets, many for stylus, now Spen too!

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  • Genial Writing 2 Genial Writing 2

    Genial Writing 2

    2269 valoraciones

    [Features] - Cross-platform : iOS Support( - Dropbox Sync, Backup/Restore - Export to JPG & PDF - Note Preview Mode : Page, First 3-Line - Sharing memo with friends via email, messaging app...

  • Adobe Fill & Sign Adobe Fill & Sign

    Adobe Fill & Sign


    7508 valoraciones

    Fill and sign any form. Even snap a picture of a paper form to fill out. With Adobe Fill & Sign, you can instantly turn digital files or paper documents into forms you can fill, sign, and send electronically. No printing or faxing needed. Key...

  • Escritura a mano de Google Escritura a mano de Google

    Escritura a mano de Google

    Google Inc.

    72470 valoraciones

    Google Handwriting Input allows you to handwrite text on your phone or tablet in 97 languages. It supports printed and cursive writing, with or without a stylus. Google Handwriting Input also supports hundreds of emojis, so you can express...

  • Simplest Note with S Pen Simplest Note with S Pen

    Simplest Note with S Pen

    Inho Hwang

    23 valoraciones


  • Infinite Painter Infinite Painter

    Infinite Painter

    Infinite Studio Mobile

    22862 valoraciones

    We are not Sketchbook. We are not Photoshop. We are not Procreate. We are Infinite Painter. Superior brushes - The most advanced painting engine on tablets • 80+ natural brush presets • Create new brushes • Change brush settings with ease • Bru...

  • ArtRage: Draw, Paint, Create ArtRage: Draw, Paint, Create

    ArtRage: Draw, Paint, Create

    Ambient Design Ltd.

    1244 valoraciones

    ArtRage for Android is a realistic painting and drawing app that includes all the most useful tools from our desktop edition. Along with a full range of awesome, easy to use, drawing tools like the oil brush, inking pen and glitter, it includes a...

  • ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

    ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

    Artflow Studio

    19972 valoraciones

    Convert your tablet or phone into digital sketchbook with more than 70 paint brushes, smudge, file and eraser tool. This fast and intuitive painting application will unlock full power of your imagination. With support for pressure sensitive pens...

  • Painter Mobile Painter Mobile

    Painter Mobile


    26022 valoraciones

    With the power of Painter Mobile 2.0, you can paint whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Explore the updated interface for Material Design to get started, and streamline your workflow in one of three ways: photo paint, trace or start from...

  • Mindjet Maps for Android

    Mindjet Maps for Android


    14861 valoraciones

    Mindjet Maps for Android The best way to visually capture and organize information! Brainstorm ideas, take notes, and track tasks from the convenience of your Android device. • Quick and Easy Information Capture – Use it for note taking, bra...

  • VirtualTablet Lite (S-Pen) VirtualTablet Lite (S-Pen)

    VirtualTablet Lite (S-Pen)


    1764 valoraciones

    *** If you have a tablet/phone device, you can draw on your PC with VirtualTablet!*** *** If you have Galaxy Note Series with S-Pen, you can draw with pressure sensitivity!*** *** Additional server program(can be downloaded from...

  • Snap Pad gratis

    Snap Pad gratis

    FlyingBus Studio

    577 valoraciones

    ※※※ Snap Pad only works on Samsung devices since it uses Samsung S-Pen SDK ※※※ Snap Pad is a scratch pad app which can be opened by simple touch. 1. Intro We usually think things that are between these two. 1) Too important that must be made to....

  • S Pen Toolbox

    S Pen Toolbox

    Good Mood Droid

    1085 valoraciones

    This application automatically turns screen off, start any selected app or play selected notification sound when S Pen stylus is detached/attached to your device. *** UNINSTALL instructions posted in description bellow *** *** This application...

  • Scribd Scribd


    Scribd, Inc.

    371114 valoraciones

    Are you ready for access to the best books, audiobooks, news, magazines, documents, sheet music, and more — for less than the cost of a paperback? Scribd makes it easy for you to dive deep into a topic, stay in the know, explore something new, or e...

  • Astonishing Comic Reader Astonishing Comic Reader

    Astonishing Comic Reader


    11518 valoraciones

    Astonishing Comic Reader is a next-gen comic reader full of stunning features! With an elegant and simple interface, this app allows you to browse and read all your comics on your device. Reading a comic has never been so easy, thanks to a simple...

  • MindBoard Pro for S-Pen MindBoard Pro for S-Pen

    MindBoard Pro for S-Pen


    508 valoraciones

    This is a freehand mind mapping tool for tablets. *) It is expected to be used with S-Pen or digitizer stylus. # User Guide * # Key Features * Freehand / handwriting for mind mapping * Map...

  • Map Note Map Note

    Map Note


    631 valoraciones

    By the creators of NOTE: This app is solely intended for the Samsung Galaxy Note device. Map Note requires S Pen Galaxy Note functionality to function properly. Giving directions to a destination just got easier. You...

  • MyScript Smart Note MyScript Smart Note

    MyScript Smart Note


    3663 valoraciones

    MyScript Smart Note lets you write, sketch and annotate images. The handwritten notes can be exported as text, are searchable instantly, and you can define and edit words with simple gestures. Your notes can be shared via email or stored in S-Note®, ...

  • MyScript Stylus (Beta) MyScript Stylus (Beta)

    MyScript Stylus (Beta)


    11365 valoraciones

    Try out MyScript® Stylus™ Beta and let us know what you think on our Google+ page: MyScript® Stylus™ Beta lets you handwrite your inputs on your phone or tablet. Our technology recognizes straight, cursive, scribbly writing - wit...

  • MyScript Calculator MyScript Calculator

    MyScript Calculator


    295736 valoraciones

    With MyScript© Calculator, perform mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting. Specially designed for Android devices. Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematical expression on the screen then let MyScript technology...

  • Libros gratis 📖 Wattpad Libros gratis 📖  Wattpad

    Libros gratis 📖 Wattpad

    2233395 valoraciones

    Discover Wattpad At Wattpad, we’re connecting a global community through the power of the story. Discover free stories and books created by writers around the world! Whatever you’re into—whether it’s romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action ...

  • Madefire Comics & Motion Books Madefire Comics & Motion Books

    Madefire Comics & Motion Books


    2008 valoraciones

    Winner of Pipedream Comics 'Digital Comics App of 2014' Madefire delivers the most innovative mobile and tablet app with its rich catalogue of new digital comics and Motion Books -- the flagship reading experience with added interactivity, sound...

  • JotterPad - Writer JotterPad - Writer

    JotterPad - Writer

    Two App Studio Pte. Ltd.

    30423 valoraciones

    JotterPad — Writer is a minimalistic writing app for the creative writers. It is perfect for writing novel, lyrics, poems, essay, draft and screenplay. The clean typing interface allows you to focus on writing, shaping your thoughts into text. Go a...

  • Comic Chameleon - Webcomics Comic Chameleon - Webcomics

    Comic Chameleon - Webcomics

    Chefs of the Future, Inc.

    327 valoraciones

    Only Comic Chameleon lets you tap to navigate every single webcomic strip or page from PANEL TO PANEL, with each tap gliding to the next panel cleanly cropped and zoomed for maximum readability. Only Comic Chameleon gives you FULL ARCHIVES,...

  • INKredible - Handwriting Note INKredible - Handwriting Note

    INKredible - Handwriting Note


    18651 valoraciones

    It’s amazing how pen and paper, two inventions dating back to thousands of years ago, have been almost irreplaceable. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with its own automatic palm and wrist r...

  • HandWrite Pro Note and Draw HandWrite Pro Note and Draw

    HandWrite Pro Note and Draw

    Alstapp Note & Draw

    1932 valoraciones

    HandWrite Pro is a note-taking app for your finger or stylus, but it is also an advanced vector-based drawing app. Smooth writing and drawing is enabled using the “Scribmaster” drawing engine. Easily markup PDFs to fill out forms, edit or grade pap...

  • Coto Note Free for S-Pen Coto Note Free for S-Pen

    Coto Note Free for S-Pen


    3 valoraciones

    It's a handwriting note taking app for Galaxy Note S-Pen. * Galaxy Note S-Pen is required. * Drag and Drop support with Multi-Window. ( It's only supported between Coto-Note and Coto-Clip. ) * It is designed for Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab A...

  • Clarisketch Clarisketch



    2748 valoraciones

    Creating messages by combining speech, drawing and photos 1. Take a picture. 2. Talk and draw - your voice is recorded while drawing. 3. Share it. The shared sketch can be played in any browser. Friends and colleagues do not need to install...

  • Sketcher FREE Sketcher FREE

    Sketcher FREE

    Valentin Mayamsin

    8376 valoraciones

    Sketcher PRO promo sale! Now only $.99! Celebrating MILK&Print service integration! Order high quality physical prints of your artwork with MILK&Print service

  • Handraw Handraw


    NC Corp.

    4288 valoraciones

    A fast sketching tool which is open to integrate with other app. ==open== * Other app can "Pick" a picture from Handraw. This allow you to easily communicate with your friends by sketching. * Other app can "share to" handraw. This allow you to...

  • Sketch for Keep Sketch for Keep

    Sketch for Keep


    1613 valoraciones

    This app is better integration between Handraw and Google Keep to provide ability to add hand drawings. I was lacking ability to add hand written notes (by stylus or S-Pen) to Google Keep and default sharing flow from drawing apps to Keep seemed...

  • One Touch Draw/sketch & Paint

    One Touch Draw/sketch & Paint

    Fundoo apps centre

    615 valoraciones

    This cool and stylish One Touch Draw/sketch & Paint enables you to create different painting in your phone screen. This magical paint library have a lots of useful tools in it. It is an unending entertaining drawing application. Find your inner...

  • JustReader beta JustReader beta

    JustReader beta

    Evgeny Nacu

    239 valoraciones

    This is beta channel of JustReader app. JustReader is fast, customizable and easy-to-use News client for Android. (Currently, Google Reader and Feedly works) JustReader works good on tablets on on phones too! Install JustReader (not beta) if you...

  • Flowpaper Free

    Flowpaper Free

    Diatom Studio

    8141 valoraciones

    Flowpaper is an interactive drawing tool that lets you make beautiful flowing paintings using your finger-tip. Perfect for making a personal background for your device or for sharing with a friend. We hope you enjoy this trial version of...

  • NoNonsense Notes NoNonsense Notes

    NoNonsense Notes


    1793 valoraciones

    A simple and beautiful app for notes and todo-lists. The app is completely free to use. This app is open source and is available online at: Great notification support Set reminders at a certain time, with...

  • Write: Tablet Notepad/Journal

    Write: Tablet Notepad/Journal


    164 valoraciones

    Write is a minimalist text editor for Android Tablets. You can use it to take notes, to write journal entries or for other text editing tasks. Write offers both a minimalist writing interface that allows you to focus on what you are currently...

  • MetaMoJi Note Lite MetaMoJi Note Lite

    MetaMoJi Note Lite

    MetaMoJi Corp.

    3457 valoraciones

    MetaMoJi Note is a cross platform note taker, sketchbook and whiteboard app for all Android enabled devices. Take notes or To Do lists, or import files in PDF format. Use the app as a high resolution sketchbook with a vast color wheel palette,...

  • LeKiosk - The obvious choice LeKiosk - The obvious choice

    LeKiosk - The obvious choice


    7741 valoraciones

    Discover the best App for instant access to your favourite magazines, whenever and wherever you want. Like more than 1 million others, let LeKiosk become your go-to app to help you be more cultivated, more entertained and to stay abreast of what...

  • GoComics GoComics


    Andrews McMeel Universal

    3265 valoraciones

    Want funny? Love comics? We've got your fix. The GoComics app, from Universal Uclick, is the mobile comics portal for many of the most popular comic strips worldwide. From iconic favorites like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, Doonesbury,...

  • Write in the Cloud Write in the Cloud

    Write in the Cloud

    181 valoraciones

    Write in the cloud is a convenient place to write things down that you need to remember. It's that very basic sheet of paper that you reach out for when you need to write something down to look up later. Write in the cloud stores all your files...

  • Marvel Unlimited Marvel Unlimited

    Marvel Unlimited

    Marvel Comics

    19314 valoraciones

    Get Instant Access to over 17,000 digital comics with Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service. Members of Marvel Unlimited can now experience over 70 years of Marvel's greatest comics like never before - with our patented M...

  • Private DIARY Private DIARY

    Private DIARY

    Mihalich DS Group

    3240 valoraciones

    This app - Private DIARY will help to you to record your life. It will save all your emotions and interests. You can entrust him all secrets. It has following possibilities: - Write notes about your life - Set a password of your diary - Show...

  • FreeNote+(2012) FreeNote+(2012)



    359 valoraciones

    NOTE: It is the old version(7.9.8) of FreeNote. It is only for the old users. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions. Import FreeNote data into FreeNote+ using Backup/Restore function. If it says "The license is...

  • Moon+ Reader Moon+ Reader

    Moon+ Reader


    221096 valoraciones

    ☆ Innovative book reader with powerful controls & full functions: • Read thousands of ebooks for free, supports online ebook libraries • Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation ☆ Support epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb...

  • ComicRack ComicRack


    cYo Soft

    2597 valoraciones

    ComicRack for Android is the companion for the best eComic Reader and Manager for PCs: ComicRack for Windows Optimized for phones and tablets it allows you to read your eComics anywhere you want. When used together with ComicRack for Windows it...

  • ATView3D MFC ATView3D MFC

    ATView3D MFC

    Afanche Technologies

    7 valoraciones

    This is a great 3D data file viewer. It is the flagship app of ATView3D 3D visualization product family. It supports the most popular 3D formats including stl, 3ds, dxf, vrml, etc. Those formats are widely used by 3D applications including...

  • BIMx BIMx


    Graphisoft SE

    2535 valoraciones

    BIMx is the ultimate BIM project presenter app for GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, which recently won both the professional Jury vote and the Popular Choice vote of the 2016 Architizer A+ Award in the Mobile Apps category. BIMx features the 'BIMx...

  • Natural Notas Natural Notas

    Natural Notas

    Natural Apps

    4539 valoraciones

    Natural Notes is a free digital note book for Android smartphones or tablets. With Natural Notes you can write, store and share your notes. It is a useful application, natural to use and totally free! You can add, edit, delete and share the notes...

  • TabPad


    Jia Tse

    115 valoraciones

    This is a simple app for free style handwriting. It allows scrolling left/right top/down when more space is needed. Basic functionality includes save/load of notes. Note taking capabilities include changing stroke color and stroke width. Also can...

  • Traces for HTC Pen Tablets Traces for HTC Pen Tablets

    Traces for HTC Pen Tablets

    iMobility Now, LLC.

    84 valoraciones

    *** Best table apps, Android Police *** ******************** IMPORTANT HARDWARE INCOMPATIBILITY WARNING *****************************...

  • QuickNote Bloc de Notas QuickNote Bloc de Notas

    QuickNote Bloc de Notas


    4355 valoraciones

    QuickNote is a simple notepad app where you can take notes down quickly by adding text or drawing. Now it supports widgets! (To use widget properly, the app will need to be install on the phone instead of sd-card) Features - 3 types of note...

  • Notebooks Notebooks


    DroidVeda LLP

    37769 valoraciones

    ***Now backup/restore to Google Drive or Dropbox*** Take notes and even attach your free hand drawing, everything in style and completely without papers! Create multiple notebooks for every subject and avoid messing up your notes. Notebooks is...

  • SketchBook Ink SketchBook Ink

    SketchBook Ink

    Autodesk Inc.

    677 valoraciones

    Draw perfect, resolution-independent lines with SketchBook® Ink. This easy-to-use pen & ink drawing app enables you create amazing line art and export high-resolution images directly from your tablet (7” or larger). Using SketchBook Ink is as easy as...

  • NoteLedge – Note & Multimedia NoteLedge – Note & Multimedia

    NoteLedge – Note & Multimedia

    Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.

    1049 valoraciones

    You can finally have it all- staying organized while making beautiful notes with multimedia aid. NoteLedge provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools for you to take notes, sketch ideas, insert photos, clip web content, record audio and video, share...

  • English Grammar Book English Grammar Book

    English Grammar Book


    64411 valoraciones

    This application is the best way to improve your English Grammar at home, on the move, anywhere! Grab it and Master it. What is included in the app? Active Or Passive Voice Adjectives Adverbs Articles Auxiliary Verbs Conditionals Conjunctions...

  • CloneBoard


    CloneBoard Inc.

    7 valoraciones

    CloneBoard is a new and fun app! You can draw in your device (tablet, cellphone, etc.) and watch the results live in any modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). CloneBoard is designed to work with WiFi. First, you need to open the app (make...

  • Comic Editor Lite

    Comic Editor Lite


    305 valoraciones

    Comic Editor is a small editor for creating comics using camera. You can insert three types of objects: Vignette, Balloon and ClipArt. After comic is complete you can save and share it. Note: The application is compatible with the MEDIUM-HIGH...

  • Live Graffiti Live Graffiti

    Live Graffiti

    Live Typing

    28601 valoraciones

    The best drawing app in a russian social network VK.COM (7 millions installations) now is on Android! Live Graffiti is an unique application for drawing which remembers the process of your art creation and then perform it as a cartoon. Send live...

  • LectureNotes


    Acadoid Developer

    6580 valoraciones

    LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus. It has been designed while having a user at university (or at school) in mind, for instance a lecturer who is using it for preparing her/his...

  • Internazionale Internazionale



    802 valoraciones

    Read Internazionale magazine on your Android smartphone or tablet, just as your print copy

  • Evernote - mantente organizado Evernote - mantente organizado

    Evernote - mantente organizado

    Evernote Corporation

    1439490 valoraciones

    "Use Evernote as the place you put everything … Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote" – The New York Times “When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag --- *GET...

  • Color & Draw: Super Artist Ed. Color & Draw: Super Artist Ed.

    Color & Draw: Super Artist Ed.


    327 valoraciones

    Back to School Google Play Sale! More 1/3 of the normal price! Color & Draw Super Artist edition is a PREMIUM version of the best-selling and award winning Color & Draw for kids. It's an artistic solution for TABLETS AND PHONES. It invites...

  • LINE Brush LINE Brush

    LINE Brush

    LINE Corporation

    43756 valoraciones

    Sketch and Draw on your Smartphone!! LINE Brush has been ranked no. 1 in the Free Apps category in 11 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau. Let your creative side out with LINE Brush! With this free...

  • ScribMaster dibujar & pintar ScribMaster dibujar & pintar

    ScribMaster dibujar & pintar

    Alstapp Note & Draw

    6940 valoraciones

    ScribMaster is a powerful vector based drawing application specifically designed for phones with large screens and tablets. The paint engine works with scalable vectors instead of pixels, so you can zoom in and work on fine details without...

  • EverClip EverClip



    2422 valoraciones

    ★ TEXT EXPANDER ★ WEB CLIPPER ★ CLIPBOARD MONITOR ★ EverClip is made for gathering and processing information quickly and easily. You can share any information to EverClip and save it to Evernote. ★ Clipboard Monitor ★ Text copied to clipboard w...

  • FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

    FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

    Visual Blasters LLC

    69339 valoraciones

    FlipaClip makes you relive your childhood and express your creativeness or professional skills in a much cooler way! Draw your cartoon using frame-by-frame animation. It works just like the old school flipbook but with a modern twist! Whether you...

  • Art Of Glow Art Of Glow

    Art Of Glow

    Natenai Ariyatrakool

    55567 valoraciones

    From the Creator of 'Glow Hockey', we are proudly present you the 'Art of Glow' that brings you to new wonderful experience. 'Art of Glow' will make you feel more relax, fun, and easy to create variety of glow artworks! Art of Glow is elegantly...

  • Ink Over Apps Ink Over Apps

    Ink Over Apps


    146 valoraciones

    It's like using a sharpie on your screen but without the mess and ruined screens! Need to highlight your emails? Want to make some comments on a PDF? Desire to draw a dinosaur on your boss's face and then send it to him? Just launch what ever app...

  • Handwriting Handwriting


    Appest Inc.

    2776 valoraciones

    Handwriting is a fun app provides you with the ability to create handwriting and paint notebook on you android tablet. You can share your notes with your friends. Features: - Multiple notebooks - Export as pdf - Import Image - Set background -...

  • Write Write


    Stylus Labs

    8813 valoraciones

    WARNING: 360 Security deletes Write documents. Attempts to contact the 360 developers have been unsuccessful. In addition to all the usual features of a vector drawing application, Write provides a unique set of tools for editing and navigating...

  • FiiWrite FiiWrite



    11297 valoraciones

    FiiWrite is the lite version of FiiNote. With it you can handwrite or paint, but you can not type with keyboard. If you need the full function, please install FiiNote.

  • Toma de notas Demo Toma de notas Demo

    Toma de notas Demo

    NC Corp.

    33767 valoraciones

    Handrite note is an intuitive handwriting note app that serves as your sticky note, to-do list, memo pad and journal - all at the touch of your finger. Never wade through crumpled pieces of paper, lose important flashes of inspiration or let an...

  • ePUBator ePUBator



    2752 valoraciones

    WARNING FOR KITKAT USERS: KitKat adds some limitations of access to the external sdcard (called extSdCard on some devices) so ePUBator can't write on it. Move the pdf file in a folder in the internal memory (called sdcard) and try again. Version...

  • EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader

    EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader


    68128 valoraciones

    EBookDroid is a highly customizable document viewer for Android. EBookDroid supports the following ebook and document formats: DjVU, PDF, XPS (OpenXPS), FictionBook (fb2 and, Comics Book formats (cbr and cbz), plus - starting with version...

  • A Comic Viewer A Comic Viewer

    A Comic Viewer

    Robot Media

    21381 valoraciones

    A Comic Viewer -previously known as Droid Comic Viewer- is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer. Main features: * Opens CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG, BMP & image folders (long tap) * Read comics from SD card * Left-to-right or...

  • ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

    ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

    Unidocs Inc.

    23809 valoraciones

    ezPDF Reader is the best selling, best rated and most commented multimedia and frame-animation PDF viewer, annotator, form filler and paperless solution. Guide: ezPDF Reader also supports Unidocs' unique Interactive PDF...

  • Libro Infantil para Colorear Libro Infantil para Colorear

    Libro Infantil para Colorear


    9961 valoraciones

    Ever wonder why children like to color with only a few colors? It's due to the process of developing different colors from the colors children use often. This coloring app helps to choose suitable colors for each picture, so children can draw and...

  • PaintUp PaintUp



    3039 valoraciones

    Feel like Van Gogh! Draw sketch with color lines, paint it up with the "PaintUp" menu and then share your paintings to the PaintUp lets your: ★ draw color sketches with diffrent line widths depend on drawing speed ★ autopaint your ske...

  • Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet

    Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet

    Early Melon

    258 valoraciones

    "Painting has never been so easy, the ink engine is fantastic, lines are looking smooth, the feeling is amazing" This is a Drawing application that let you sketch and paint with water colors, feather, pencil, brushes... The engine is Really Fast !...

  • Textgram - write on photos Textgram - write on photos

    Textgram - write on photos


    261428 valoraciones

    Textgram allows you to create beautiful graffiti and photos out of any text and share it with your friends on social networks or instant messaging applications, it also allows you to write on top of your photos and add stickers, frames, filters...

  • Markers Markers


    Daniel Sandler

    9010 valoraciones

    Markers is a simple, multitouch, pressure-sensitive drawing app. Some of its features include: Pressure sensitivity that works with most Android devices: As more of your finger or capacitive stylus touches the glass, Markers will draw a thicker...

  • Draw! in landscape

    Draw! in landscape

    433 valoraciones

    This is a version of Draw! that supports both landscape and portrait mode. Other differences: - 5 pens support - saves all notes directly to SD card. Now all saved notes can be comfortably managed with the included OI File Manager. - no...

  • Gesture Paint LITE Gesture Paint LITE

    Gesture Paint LITE

    Nicola Corti

    236 valoraciones

    GesturePaint is the definitive application for drawing with fun! You can draw with the Multi touch and Fuzzy mode using all of your fingers! Try Gesture Paint on your Smartphone or Tablet! The interface is optimized for large screen display....

  • Diaro - Diario, Notas Diaro - Diario, Notas

    Diaro - Diario, Notas

    Pixel Crater Ltd.

    58562 valoraciones

    Diaro is designed to record activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas throughout a day and sync data across all your devices. It lets you organize your created diary / journal entries or notes from the past in the easiest way. Powerful search...

  • Pocket Pocket


    Read It Later

    248921 valoraciones

    Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover, and recommend the best, most interesting stories on the Web. -- SAVE FOR LATER: The next time you find an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket. It’ll sync a...

  • PressReader PressReader



    5530 valoraciones

    Connecting you with the stories you love, from thousands of sources you trust. All you can read news to keep informed, entertained and inspired every day. Share your passions and connect with like-minded readers to discover new content. Make your...

  • Perfect Viewer Perfect Viewer

    Perfect Viewer


    48444 valoraciones

    Perfect Viewer is a very fast image/comics/ebook viewer. *Turn black/white image into 4 colorize image(Only available for donated users. Need install Perfect Viewer donation application). *Page layout: Auto single page, Auto dual page, Auto switch...

  • MoodWriter Beta

    MoodWriter Beta

    Philipp Redeker

    6 valoraciones

    MoodWriter is a simple and easy on the eyes Notes-App optimized for Honeycomb tablets. It was first created for my personal needs because i wanted something fast and convenient with open access to the data it saves. The first version is very basic...

  • Comic Strip Es! pro

    Comic Strip Es! pro

    Roundwood Studios

    452 valoraciones

    Make awesome comic strips, storyboards, and meme's from your photos with Comic Strip, the comic maker for Android. Add speech bubbles, thought bubbles, POW effects, titles and captions. Apply comic book styles to each frame to create a real comic...

  • Aldiko Book Reader Aldiko Book Reader

    Aldiko Book Reader

    Aldiko Limited

    202692 valoraciones

    Download one of the best Android eBook Readers now! ★The leading eBook application for the Android platform ★28+ million users from over 200 countries Differences between the Aldiko Book Reader Premium and the Aldiko Book Reader Free are: the Ald...

  • Cool Reader Cool Reader

    Cool Reader

    Vadim Lopatin

    230452 valoraciones

    eBook reader. Supports epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml formats. Pages or scroll view. Page flipping animation. Table of contents, bookmarks, text search. Bookmarks on text fragments (comments or...

  • Issuu Issuu



    69646 valoraciones

    With issuu for Android, you’ll get access to more than 30 million publications in an incredible, immersive reading experience for FREE. Explore & read millions of publications • 20,000 new magazines, catalogs, and more added every day in 30+ lan...

  • feedly: your work newsfeed feedly: your work newsfeed

    feedly: your work newsfeed

    Feedly Team

    279448 valoraciones

    A single place to easily read all the news you rely on to think, learn, and keep ahead. Feedly lets you organize all your favorite publications, podcasts and YouTube channels into collections and receive updates when new stories and videos are...

  • Kindle Kindle


    Amazon Mobile LLC

    651521 valoraciones

    The Kindle app puts millions of books at your fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader—and you don’t need to own a Kindle to use it. Choose from over four million Kindle books f...

  • Komik Reader - Free Komik Reader - Free

    Komik Reader - Free


    5865 valoraciones

    Komik is the first comic/manga viewer and collection manager designed specifically for Android tablets and phones. I would love to hear any suggestions from you. * CBR, CBZ, and image directory comic support * Comic collection browser with...

  • MobisleNotes - Bloc MobisleNotes - Bloc

    MobisleNotes - Bloc


    13064 valoraciones

    ☆ The dead-simple way to do notes and to-do’s ☆ Have you tried Springpad, Evernote, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist and other notes or to-do apps for your phone but think there’s just too much going on getting in the way of the actual note-ta...

  • Big Fat Canvas

    Big Fat Canvas

    Justin Holmgren

    246 valoraciones

    Big Fat Canvas is the first quality* drawing app for Honeycomb tablets - now you're limited only by your imagination. Features: - Infinite canvas size: Zoom out as far as you want, or zoom in as far as you want. There are practically no limits to...

  • PenSupremacy for Tablets PenSupremacy for Tablets

    PenSupremacy for Tablets


    961 valoraciones

    PenSupremacy wield the might of your pen. Facebook: Google Plus: PenSupremacy is the best handwriting app for android tablets. It is based on the best...

  • Toma de notas Pro Toma de notas Pro

    Toma de notas Pro

    NC Corp.

    1838 valoraciones

    Handrite note is an intuitive handwriting note app that serves as your sticky note, to-do list, memo pad and journal - all at the touch of your finger. Never wade through crumpled pieces of paper, lose important flashes of inspiration or let an...

  • SketchIt Online [Draw & Guess] SketchIt Online [Draw & Guess]

    SketchIt Online [Draw & Guess]


    7712 valoraciones

    SketchIt Online HD is a real time multiplayer online game for up to 12 players per game room. One player has to draw something while the others are trying to guess it. SketchIt HD has a hand-picked dictionary in several languages, including...

  • GenialWriting GenialWriting


    zenpie studio

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    ☆★☆ Recommended to use 「GenialWriting 2」 ☆★☆ Record your feeling in a second and write down something you think. Or using cordial handwriting to say hello to your friends? You can try this app~ (Handwriting note/memo) PS. Free Version = Ad su...

  • 7notes with mazec 7notes with mazec

    7notes with mazec


    210 valoraciones

    ### Handwriting input method “mazec” is also available for Note Anytime! More than a simple note taking app, Note Anytime is also a powerful drawing app, PDF annotation tool, interactive browser, virtual whiteboard and more. Note Anytime is a uni...

  • Sketch Guru Sketch Guru

    Sketch Guru

    Cheetah Mobile (Photo Editor)

    340129 valoraciones

    Facebook and Flickr online albums supported now! You can import your social photos seamlessly in Sketch guru. Sketch Guru is a professional app to make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos. Pick a picture from your gallery or...

  • Squid (antiguo Papyrus) Squid (antiguo Papyrus)

    Squid (antiguo Papyrus)

    Steadfast Innovation, LLC

    32305 valoraciones

    Take handwritten notes naturally on your Android tablet or phone! With Squid you can write just like you would on paper using an active pen, passive stylus, or your finger. Easily markup PDFs to fill out forms, edit/grade papers, or sign...

  • Quill


    Volker Braun

    824 valoraciones

    Handwriting note-taking app for Android tablets. A key design goal is quick response to pen strokes and 100% vector graphics. Developed on a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet and Galaxy Note 10.1". Features: * Active pen (digitizer) support on ThinkPad...

  • Infinite Design (Old Version) Infinite Design (Old Version)

    Infinite Design (Old Version)

    Sean Brakefield

    670 valoraciones

    This version is no longer supported. Please download the free version.

  • Mantano Premium Ebook Reader Mantano Premium Ebook Reader

    Mantano Premium Ebook Reader

    Mantano SAS

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    The best ebook reader platform on the market: user friendly, powerful, fast, highly customizable, with synchronized library, this book reader provides unprecedented flexibility, speed and reading comfort. Highlight excerpts, take notes in your...