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Games that immerse you into their own unique world, affecting your mood.

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  • Eufloria HD

    Eufloria HD

    Omni Systems Limited

    6847 valoraciones

    This immersive game creates a plant life world all its own. Gorgeous fractal animations and haunting music combine perfectly to paint a world never before experienced. The AI is cutting edge and provides a serious challenge to its human opponents.

  • Shadow Cave: The Escape

    Shadow Cave: The Escape

    Artbit Studios

    6755 valoraciones

    Foreboding hand-drawn artwork and ominous sound effects paint a unique underground environment that creates a sense of fear and a desire to escape this claustrophobic world.

  • Shadow Snake HD

    Shadow Snake HD

    Dmitriy Pyalov

    463 valoraciones

    Gorgeous art and silky smooth animation. Includes bits of wisdom from the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius as you play. The best snake game on Android. Absolutely amazing.

  • Little Wars 2 - RTS

    Little Wars 2 - RTS


    2005 valoraciones

    A real time strategy game set in deep space with aural sounds and ambient music. Procedural generation guarantees a high level of replay value.

  • Oscura



    2533 valoraciones

    Atmospheric 2D platformer with stunning art style and perfectly matched soundtrack. Unusual and inventive game elements.

  • Astro Shark HD

    Astro Shark HD


    127 valoraciones

    Beautifully hand-painted deep space environment where you are on a mission to save a shark's abducted love, a Russian space dog. As surreal as it is beautiful. Simple and enjoyable game play.

  • Osmos HD

    Osmos HD

    Hemisphere Games Inc

    89468 valoraciones

    A deep space setting that immerses you in its own universe. The special effects are out of this world and set a new standard for Android. The music is memorizing.

  • Feed Me Oil

    Feed Me Oil


    867 valoraciones

    Surreal world where oil is routed by various mechanisms in order to feed the strange creatures craving it's nourishment. Great physics puzzles and unique soundtrack.

  • Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster

    Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster

    Hyperspace Yard

    14631 valoraciones

    Unique physics based puzzler with other-worldly game play involving sticky alien eyeballs. Beautiful art style and atmospheric soundtrack.

  • Lightopus Lightopus


    Appxplore Sdn Bhd

    15159 valoraciones

    Colorful, vibrant, and intoxicating. Fluid movement coupled with amazing swarming allies and ambient music provide an experience unlike any other.

  • Contre Jour

    Contre Jour


    2579 valoraciones

    Dark and misty and weird, everything you could ever ask for in this type of game. Manipulation of the environment is sliky smooth and the music provides a great backdrop to the unfolding adventure.

  • Auralux


    War Drum Studios

    97424 valoraciones

    An artful real-time strategy game. The rules of warfare are boiled down to simple options resulting in methodical, deliberate, and evenly paced battles set to an ambient soundtrack.

  • Splice


    Cipher Prime Studios

    2427 valoraciones

    A beautiful and ambient puzzle game with beautiful graphics that provides a unique and immersive biological experience.

  • Spirits


    Spaces of Play

    5599 valoraciones

    Unusual world of spirits relying on the interaction of mysterious creatures and portals to move throughout their world. Ambient music and stunning art provide a beautiful environment.

  • Freeze! - La huida Freeze! - La huida

    Freeze! - La huida

    Frozen Gun Games

    239151 valoraciones

    Dark and gloomy world where you must help an alien eyeball creature escape from his internment. Features the ability to freeze gravity while the maze-like cell is rotated to free the creature. Great atmospheric soundtrack.

  • World of Goo

    World of Goo

    2D BOY

    34226 valoraciones

    Strange gooey world with a mysterious corporate back story. Easy manipulation of the game elements and fantastic artwork and animations make for an amazing experience.

  • Last Fish

    Last Fish


    331 valoraciones

    Artistic underwater swimming game that is as relaxing as it is entertaining. Great soundtrack and beautiful graphics. Responsive tilt control provides smooth interaction with your last fish.

  • Machinarium


    Amanita Design

    47031 valoraciones

    Incredible steampunk robotic world beautifully rendered. Solve puzzles and manipulate your environment in a quest to help Josef save his robotic girlfriend.

  • Space Guru Full

    Space Guru Full


    132 valoraciones

    Invites you to be part of the early formation of the universe as you fuse colorful suns together to avoid catastrophic supernovas.

  • A Bird's Journey

    A Bird's Journey

    Salad Gamer

    1877 valoraciones

    The art used in this game resembles a stage set and gives you the feeling that you are a director with a captivated audience. The show must go on.

  • Spirit HD Spirit HD

    Spirit HD


    6511 valoraciones

    This glowing world pits you against an aggressive opponent that relentlessly swirls around you. Controls are smooth and takes full advantage of the touch screen.