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  • Poncho: Wake Up Weather

    Poncho: Wake Up Weather

    Poncho, Inc.

    77 valoraciones

    Check out the weather app that’s taking the world by storm! You can now wake up to Poncho’s fun, free weather forecasts and see for yourself why so many people are in love with this sassy weathercat. Personal weather forecasts written by a cat jus...

  • Previsión del tiempo y Radar

    Previsión del tiempo y Radar

    Apalon Apps

    69253 valoraciones

    Get a powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on your device with Weather Radar & Alerts. Real-time animated weather radar images on a highly interactive map enhanced with severe weather warnings provide accurate weather forecast and don’t l...

  • Klara Klara



    9410 valoraciones

    Klara shows weather forecast in form of simple and easy to read charts. Klara is great for professionals but thanks to its clarity and simplified design it is perfect for common folk too. * Forecast for any place - data from YR (MET Norway). *...

  • Onde tem sol? Onde tem sol?

    Onde tem sol?


    10 valoraciones

    You have an extended weekend ahead and you'd like to travel to the place where the sun will shine? "Where will the sun shine?" can help you! Based in your current location, we search the cities around you in a radius that you can choose, and show...

  • Weatherback Wallpaper

    Weatherback Wallpaper


    3083 valoraciones

    Weatherback for Galaxy will show you the weather forecast and weather channel on your Android’s interactive wallpaper. It's like Accuweather, but the forecast is on your wallpaper. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Ana - city or country – see the...

  • Tiempo En Vivo Tiempo En Vivo

    Tiempo En Vivo

    Apalon Apps

    47599 valoraciones

    Meet Weather Live. The most beautiful weather app. Ever. Don't let bad weather take you by surprise! Set the gorgeous animated wallpapers with live weather conditions on your home screen and be aware of any weather that is coming your way. Whether...

  • Material Design Cool Widget Material Design Cool Widget

    Material Design Cool Widget

    Weather Widget Theme Dev Team

    2517 valoraciones

    Amber Weather weather clock cool widget, not just an ornament. Never forget your CTT. Description This is a lightweight yet multi-functional weather clock cool widget. This weather clock widget is supported by Amber Weather for you to easily stay...

  • Pro Weathershot : Instaweather Pro Weathershot : Instaweather

    Pro Weathershot : Instaweather

    byss mobile

    23066 valoraciones

    NOW with Amazing VIDEO mode! This is not another boring weather forecast app ;)! #1 Weather app in USA, Japan, China, UK, Brazil, Italy and other 100 countries Downloaded over 17'000'000 times! - ”If you want to take your Instagram photos to a...

  • Weather Timeline - Forecast Weather Timeline - Forecast

    Weather Timeline - Forecast

    Sam Ruston

    19674 valoraciones

    Weather Timeline is a simple weather app that focuses on summarising the next hour, the next 48 hours and the next week so you don't have to. It presents the forecast in a timeline to help you quickly glance and digest the information and has a...

  • Moon Moon


    Abe Rubenstein

    48 valoraciones

    See the phases of the moon in the past, present or future. Tap the date to easily select a new date, tap/hold the arrows to see the phases animate, or tap Today to return to the present.

  • Hora Azul (Calculadora de sol) Hora Azul (Calculadora de sol)

    Hora Azul (Calculadora de sol)

    Robert Ehrhardt

    374 valoraciones

    The Blue Hour describes a period of dawn and dusk, when the sky is colored specially which is very interesting for photography. The duration and timing of the Blue Hour varies depending on location and on the date. In order to achieve optimum...

  • Grumpy Tiempo Grumpy Tiempo

    Grumpy Tiempo


    16151 valoraciones

    NOTE: Please do not install if you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your phone. I work to resolve the issue with this system version - other versions are ok. not tell anybody! There are sooo many beautiful widgets out there. But this one...

  • Simple Weather Forecast Simple Weather Forecast

    Simple Weather Forecast


    48 valoraciones

    Simple Weather Forecast gives you a 14-day forecast based on your current location. This application is extremely light, fast, free and without any ads. It doesn't collect any personal information. Permissions → Approximate location: Simple Weather F...

  • "Simona says"-weather forecast

    "Simona says"-weather forecast

    Socialus Marketingas

    55 valoraciones

    It doesn't always matter, what temperature, humidity and chance of rain is going to be tomorrow. What you care about is "is it going to be warmer or colder than yesterday?" This app will give you exactly that - it will crunch the meteorological...

  • Atmospheric: Weather Atmospheric: Weather

    Atmospheric: Weather

    Josh Stagg Software

    637 valoraciones

    Using and Flickr, Atmospheric is an android weather app that combines one of the best weather data sources with inspiring photographs shot by photographers in your area. The combination of amazing photography and informative weather...

  • Bright Weather Bright Weather

    Bright Weather

    LevelUp Studio

    17035 valoraciones

    Bright Weather makes the daily weather summary essentials easily available and a simple access to deeper information while presenting it in a tasteful, lightweight experience that makes checking the weather forecast enjoyable. LifeHacker: "Overall...

  • Sunnycomb Sunnycomb


    Weathernews Inc.

    602 valoraciones

    Japan’s most popular weather app is now available worldwide! Sunnycomb is a social weather app that makes weather forecasts personal by including the emotions of thousands of users from around the world. Sunnycomb isn’t just a traditional weather app...

  • atmosHere Weather atmosHere Weather

    atmosHere Weather


    338 valoraciones

    Features: - Material Design - Hyper accurate powered weather data (down to the minute weather!) - Weather Alert notifications - Persistent notification (optional) - Card UI style - Minutely, hourly, daily weather data - Hour by hour...

  • Remember the Umbrella Remember the Umbrella

    Remember the Umbrella


    301 valoraciones

    Is it going to rain today? Should you grab your umbrella? With Remember The Umbrella, you don't have to guess: Set a time when you normally leave the house. The app checks the weather forecast, and if it's going to rain, you get a...

  • MoWeather MoWeather


    MoWeather Team

    3765 valoraciones

    Could you ever pay attention to air pollution but find no ways to get from? Could you ever thought to own Mega Weather Clock in colorful widgets which are customizable for Special? Yes, you are not out of mind. You’ll see all of them in just M...

  • Weatherlove & widgets Weatherlove & widgets

    Weatherlove & widgets


    2050 valoraciones

    It shows you all the weather info you need for the desired location (15 day hourly forecast with extended informations and graphs). A lot of customizable widgets. Multiple locations, local weather, graphs and widgets is all you will ever need from...

  • MeteoEarth MeteoEarth



    22178 valoraciones

    Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool used by TV presenters around the world, and created by MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather company; MeteoEarth truly brings the weather to life using high-end gaming technology and e...

  • Weather Underground Weather Underground

    Weather Underground

    Weather Underground

    257815 valoraciones

    The new Weather Underground Android app provides the world's most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive radar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts. Powered by our unique community of weather enthusiasts reporting...

  • Solo Weather Solo Weather

    Solo Weather


    78092 valoraciones

    The product of Solo System by NewBornTown(NewBorn-Town). Solo Weather is an easy app with elegant UI, provides detailed weather for all cities worldwide. Life should be simple and beautiful, and why not try the Solo Weather! It is free, no fees,...

  • Wemple Weather Wemple Weather

    Wemple Weather

    Krzysztof Dróbek

    713 valoraciones

    Wemple Weather is a clean and simple weather app which provides detailed weather for all cities worldwide. It provides you current conditions, hourly forecast for 5 days and forecast for 14 days. Features: - Geo-positioning, retrieving the latest...

  • Solar : Weather Solar : Weather

    Solar : Weather

    Hollr, Inc.

    3875 valoraciones

    ::: With over 2 million users, the most talked weather app is now available on Android ::: Solar: An exquisitely designed weather app. No vector polygons, no dew point calibration and it won't remind you to wear a jacket. Just radiant colorscapes...

  • wezzoo - Weather By You wezzoo - Weather By You

    wezzoo - Weather By You


    327 valoraciones

    With wezzoo, share live local weather observation with the crowd, add great pictures and discover realtime weather maps all around the world. wezoo, weezzoo, weezoo, weezo, wezzo

  • Smart Thermometer Smart Thermometer

    Smart Thermometer

    Color Tiger

    32083 valoraciones

    Smart Thermometer is a simple app to use the temperature sensors in your phone to show the temperature near your phone. With a beautiful design and great precision, this will be your default way of checking temperature instantly! Please make sure...

  • Weather Forecast for 15 days Weather Forecast for 15 days

    Weather Forecast for 15 days

    Flextrela Corporation

    999 valoraciones

    Weather Book aims to be a simple but at the same time powerful weather app: * 15 day weather forecast for any place in the world * 24 hour daily forecast with 1 hour increment * Animation * Advanced Weather conditions, such as: + Visibility +...

  • Splash° Splash°


    Atipik Sarl

    63 valoraciones

    The application for fans of swimming, sailing, water sports and fishing that allows you to check the real-time temperature of lakes and rivers in Switzerland. With more than 22 lakes and 55 rivers, the whole of Switzerland is covered. Benefit free...

  • Vane Vane


    Amit Joseph

    158 valoraciones

    ◙ If this app didn't work with your device we apologize for it. ◙ •Presenting a whole new look at weather, Vane. •Utilizing simple icons and clean fonts to tell the weather, Vane doesn't burden your eyes with unnecessary details but instead present...

  • Authentic Weather Authentic Weather

    Authentic Weather

    House of van Schneider

    10271 valoraciones

    One smile at a time plus accurate weather information. Authentic Weather app is original human & honest weather app out there. Look outside and let Authentic Weather tell you what it really thinks. Tap & Hold to see the current temperature, pull...

  • anpWeather, predicción clima anpWeather, predicción clima

    anpWeather, predicción clima


    730 valoraciones

    If you want to be always up to date on the weather forecast , this app is yours. with hold anpWeather weather prediction for today and a forecast covering the next 4 days. All information about the weather conditions are presented on screen in a...

  • Weather Neue Weather Neue

    Weather Neue

    Switch Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd

    292 valoraciones

    Aren't you bored of using weather apps that contained glossy images and too much of data? We present you a minimalistic weather app which just shows the right information that you want. The app supports multiple themes and an option to change...

  • Grey Umbrella Grey Umbrella

    Grey Umbrella


    59 valoraciones

    Meet the Grey Umbrella. The simplest weather app with the stunning UI. FEATURES: Weather App – Grey Umbrella 1. Temperature in Degree/Centigrade The degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object is known as the temperature. This a...




    3437 valoraciones

    UNIQLO WAKE UP is an innovative new social alarm app that aims to make waking up every day an enjoyable experience. The alarm music, which is automatically created based on the weather, time, and day of the week, was co-written by 51st annual G...

  • Weather + :: Bloqueo Weather + :: Bloqueo

    Weather + :: Bloqueo


    25383 valoraciones

    Weather + :: Lock Screen, Live Wallpaper, Photos and Backgrounds Kick off your day with accurate weather information and beautiful photos near you. Weather at your glance Experience a whole new Lock Screen UI—weather, stunning photo near you—and the...

  • oWeather oWeather


    KeepFive Inc.

    913 valoraciones

    oW for Android is here! Flat stylish design, accurate weather forecasts, convenient everyday notifications - all this to make you happy and life easier. We are continuously keeping to improve application, so please enjoy it! We look forward for...

  • Mi Tiempo Mi Tiempo

    Mi Tiempo

    cybob communication GmbH

    321 valoraciones

    Live weather information for your location - fast, free and always up to date! Features in overview: - Current weather data - Additional information (wind, humidity and air pressure) - 3-day forecast - Time lapse (sunrise and sunset) -...

  • Quick Weather Quick Weather

    Quick Weather

    Bradley Nemitz

    49 valoraciones

    This app has been completely rewritten, redesigned, and is now using the APIs that power the Dark Sky app for iOS! These new APIs allow the app to tell you to the minute when it will rain, how long it will rain for, and how heavy the...

  • Climatip Climatip



    1379 valoraciones

    Why do you need to know the current temperature? to know what to wear? Climatip recommends what to wear without having to look out of the window. The application provides you the current weather conditions in a simple and an user friendly way. We...

  • BBC Weather BBC Weather

    BBC Weather

    Media Applications Technologies for the BBC

    182929 valoraciones

    Wherever you are, and whatever your plans, you’re always prepared with the latest weather forecast from BBC Weather. FEATURES: • Simple and clear design for easy access to our most detailed and up-to-date information • Search for locations (auto...

  • Optimistic Weather Optimistic Weather

    Optimistic Weather

    Nation London Ltd

    161 valoraciones

    You can't control the weather but you can control your optimism. Optimistic Weather is not a conventional weather forecast, it blows away those swirling charts for nothing but next day sunshine. Accurate weather forecasting is just depressing......

  • Take Weather (Photo & Sharing) Take Weather (Photo & Sharing)

    Take Weather (Photo & Sharing)

    Daddy Company

    824 valoraciones

    Take Weather It is a new weather-social networking application with photo. When rain drops make a beautiful sound as it keeps falling down to the window in the bus, when clouds look like a white rabbit over the head on a beautiful sunny day, when...

  • Yahoo Tiempo Yahoo Tiempo

    Yahoo Tiempo


    1187314 valoraciones

    The forecast is beautiful. Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location, time of day, and current conditions. Favorite features - Get all the details: wind, pressure,...

  • GO Tiempo Previsión Y Widgets GO Tiempo Previsión Y Widgets

    GO Tiempo Previsión Y Widgets

    GO Dev Team X

    1312170 valoraciones

    GO Weather Widget & Wallpaper, over 50 million users' choice, provides accurate current & future weather info, beautiful widgets & live wallpapers. Features of GO Weather Widget & Wallpaper ►Weather & Clock Widgets: Easily check the current & f...

  • swackett swackett


    AGLogic, LLC.

    1781 valoraciones

    ** UPDATED: You spoke, we listened. swackett version 1.1.0 now includes the Home Screen Widgets and the Android Action Bar! The Visual Weather Report swackett® is a fun new way to look at the weather. We convert complex weather data to...

  • Arcus Weather Arcus Weather

    Arcus Weather

    Labrys Software

    5188 valoraciones

    Arcus hyper-local weather forecasts gives you the most precise up to the minute weather forecast available. "Heavy rain starting in 4 minutes, for the next 35 minutes". Arcus uses the API to get the most accurate, and most current...

  • WeatherSignal - clima sensors WeatherSignal - clima sensors

    WeatherSignal - clima sensors

    6980 valoraciones

    WeatherSignal uses native phone sensors to measure local atmospheric conditions, which are then displayed on our live-updating weather map. Join the world's largest crowdsourced weather project. Features: ✓ Readout for all the sensors on your d...

  • WeatherBug WeatherBug


    Earth Networks

    759556 valoraciones

    Download WeatherBug®, winner of the 2016 “Best Weather App” by Appy Awards. “I love using WeatherBug because it is very easy to use and gives the most accurate current and future weather reports!” – Android User Review WeatherBug, the best free...

  • Weatherwise Weatherwise


    Local Wisdom

    7101 valoraciones

    Experience creative animated weather scenes crafted by artists, illustrators, and photographers. A different kind of weather app that allows for infinite possibilities of weather visualization built upon a 2D game engine. Our 3.0 update is now...

  • Weather Travel Fashion (WTF) Weather Travel Fashion (WTF)

    Weather Travel Fashion (WTF)

    Siveron, LLC

    131 valoraciones

    *****WTF is your personal WEATHER STYLIST! *****the GO-TO app for every morning! ★ Engaging hand-drawn graphics ★ CHIC+SMART fashion picks for DAY & NIGHT ★ For every STYLE-seeking GUY & GAL ☼ TRAVELING? Must-haves list & 3-day forecast ☼ Curre...

  • Weather HD Weather HD

    Weather HD


    174 valoraciones

    Weather HD is the most beautiful way to check for weather information on your phone or tablet. See the weather in stunning high-definition videos, get accurate weather forecasts all around the world, with 7-day and hourly forecasts, and use an...

  • The Weather Channel The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel

    1303070 valoraciones

    Make confident decisions based on the world’s most downloaded weather app. KNOW THE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW • Dynamic Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the wea...

  • 1Weather 1Weather


    OneLouder Apps

    465484 valoraciones

    1Weather meets all your weather needs in a simple, beautiful package. Track and view weather forecasts and current conditions for “My Location” to get real-time updates wherever you go, or add any location you choose. Whether you want to check the...

  • Clima - Weather Clima - Weather

    Clima - Weather


    1156976 valoraciones

    Weather is exceptionally easy to use app for staying always updated with the weather conditions. The Weather app is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition in your...

  • Eye In Sky Weather - Pro Key Eye In Sky Weather - Pro Key

    Eye In Sky Weather - Pro Key

    Tim Clark – Clark IT Consultancy

    1179 valoraciones

    PRO KEY ONLY!!! This is a pro key to remove ads from the free version of Eye In Sky Weather. You still need the free version installed. _____ Eye In Sky Weather is for those who like their weather clean, simple and beautiful. The app includes 14...

  • AccuWeather AccuWeather



    1634343 valoraciones

    Stay connected to the latest weather conditions with AccuWeather. Now supporting Android Wear™, this free app features the new AccuWeather MinuteCast®, the leading minute-by-minute precipitation forecast, hyper-localized to your exact street ad...

  • Beautiful Widgets Pro Beautiful Widgets Pro

    Beautiful Widgets Pro

    LevelUp Studio

    97882 valoraciones

    Beautiful Widgets is your best companion when personalizing your home screen with widgets. Be unique, express yourself. Thanks to its multiple customizable widgets and themes in the Play Store, you can customize your home screen according to your...

  • Amber Weather Amber Weather

    Amber Weather

    Amber Mobile Limited

    242396 valoraciones

    Amber Weather is your best personal weather channel providing current weather for today and daily & hourly weather forecasts based on your current location or any location in the world. Amber Weather does not only offer real-time forecasts but...