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  • Reproductor MX Reproductor MX

    Reproductor MX

    J2 Interactive

    4470233 valoraciones

    Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support. a) HARDWARE ACCELERATION - Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder. b) MULTI-CORE DECODING - MX Player is the first...

  • WeSync WeSync


    Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.

    7194 valoraciones

    Must-have when you change your cell phone. The safe deposit box for the address book and other key information in your cell phone . You may easily maintain the same address book, even you may use more than one cell phone. And protect the data from...

  • SuperSU SuperSU



    459269 valoraciones

    SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future ; !!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!! SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from...

  • Galería QuickPic Galería QuickPic

    Galería QuickPic

    Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)

    716822 valoraciones

    Fast, light and modern! Loved by over 10 million users, with an overall rating of 4.6, QuickPic is ideally the best alternative gallery app designed for managing your beloved photos. It’s significantly smaller than other gallery apps, but packs m...

  • WeChat WeChat


    WeChat Tencent

    4877166 valoraciones

    "Much better, much more popular, much more user-friendly” - USA Today "Simple enough that anyone can use it, versatile enough that everyone has some use for it" - Wired WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with f...

  • Mindjet Maps for Android

    Mindjet Maps for Android


    14864 valoraciones

    Mindjet Maps for Android The best way to visually capture and organize information! Brainstorm ideas, take notes, and track tasks from the convenience of your Android device. • Quick and Easy Information Capture – Use it for note taking, bra...

  • SmartQ Reader SmartQ Reader

    SmartQ Reader


    2282 valoraciones

    More than just a PDF reader Organize, Annotate, Share for free! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Installation of another APK is NO LONGER required! It’s all about historical compatibility issues with devices running Android 2.2. Unfortunately we got q...

  • Speedtest.net Speedtest.net



    882342 valoraciones

    Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network. Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by pro...

  • Bluetooth Call Control Bluetooth Call Control

    Bluetooth Call Control


    113 valoraciones

    BTCallControl is a very simple tool to automatically enable bluetooth during incoming/outgoing calls. It is very simple and improve battery performance a lot. Features: 1. Automatic bluetooth control during calls. 2. Simple volume control for...

  • ES Explorador de Archivos ES Explorador de Archivos

    ES Explorador de Archivos

    ES Global

    3718096 valoraciones

    Free, Safe, Simple, Manage your files efficiently and easily with ES File Explorer (File Manager)! ES File Explorer (File Manager) is a full-featured file (Images, Music, Movies, Documents, app) manager for both local and networked use! With over...

  • Wifi Analyzer Wifi Analyzer

    Wifi Analyzer


    320986 valoraciones

    Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. http://wifianalyzer.mobi ########## For the USB read/write permission: This permission is...

  • Smart Office 2 Smart Office 2

    Smart Office 2

    Artifex Software Inc.

    14094 valoraciones

    NEW! SmartOffice 2.4 with UPDATED UI – sleeker, more contemporary design to enhance the end user experience. SmartOffice puts the power to work at your fingertips. SmartOffice is a full-featured mobile office document productivity suite designed to m...

  • Smart Tools - herramientas Smart Tools - herramientas

    Smart Tools - herramientas

    Smart Tools co.

    61494 valoraciones

    Smart Tools® is a complete package of 6 app sets. It includes 6 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One. Set 1. Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread : Smart Ruler Pro Set 2. Distance, Height, Width, Area : Smart Measure Pro Set 3....

  • 淘宝 淘宝



    71232 valoraciones

    【软件简介】 手机淘宝(Android版)是阿里巴巴专为Android手机用户推出的满足其生活消费和线上购物需求的软件,具有查看附近的生活优惠信息、商品搜索、浏览、购买、支付、收藏、物流查询、旺旺沟通等在线功能,成为了用户方便快捷的生活消费入口。

  • Colorful calculator Colorful calculator

    Colorful calculator


    7749 valoraciones

    I can two calculations with up and down. You can change the design. It is not suited to difficult calculation because it is ease of use-oriented. (Example of the use of two-screen calculator) If you want to compare. Once when re-calculated...

  • PhotoFunia PhotoFunia


    Capsule Digital

    297356 valoraciones

    PhotoFunia is the best way to add a spark to your photos, make them special and more original. In only a few seconds an amazing photo collage is ready, absolutely free. PhotoFunia is so straight forward to use, that anyone, at any age, can use it...

  • Polaris Office 4.0 Polaris Office 4.0

    Polaris Office 4.0

    Infraware Inc.

    972 valoraciones

    Polaris® Office is the easiest and strongest office products designed for mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere, you can easily use various kinds of documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, with only several tabs, and organize...

  • 高效Todo(备忘 提醒 日程 记事) 高效Todo(备忘 提醒 日程 记事)

    高效Todo(备忘 提醒 日程 记事)


    1112 valoraciones

    高效Todo基于管理学大师史蒂夫.柯维和余世维所倡导的第四代时间管理理论设计。把事情按重要和紧急程度进行分类,通过这种简单而有效的方式,高效Todo可以把用户从纷繁复杂的事务中解放出来,高效Todo与其他日程管理应用不同之处在于,高效Todo颠覆了陈旧的时间管理理念,高效Todo主张高效工作的关键不在时间管理,而是注重如何在有限的时间内产生最大的效益。 高效Todo有以下特点: 1.高效Todo的主要界面采用了四象限的形式。按照重要紧急程度把事情分成了四类。 2.高效Todo还采用了时间轴的形式...

  • 搜狗输入法 搜狗输入法


    Sogou.com Inc.

    84880 valoraciones

    搜狗输入法,拥有全能输入方式、海量词库与智能预测,致力高效流畅的输入体验,引领亿万用户输入之选。 【全能输入】全面支持拼音、手写、语音、笔画、五笔 【畅快表达】海量词库,分秒匹配 【妙算引擎】动态预测,智能纠错 【贴心手写】首字注音,生僻字输入无忧 【智能语音】高效识别,说话实时变文字 【文字扫描】纸面文字拍照输入 【快捷短语】常用语、流行语一键输入 【个性皮肤】新鲜主题,悦耳按键音,惊喜动画 【实力表情】魔性斗图,有料图表情...

  • BTmono BTmono



    7583 valoraciones

    Everybody: Please don't buy the app under the assumption that a future update will make it work. If it doesn't work now, it's an issue with your handset's firmware that is almost certainly not fixable from the app's side. This whole program is...

  • AutoCAD 360 AutoCAD 360

    AutoCAD 360

    Autodesk Inc.

    131905 valoraciones

    Autodesk® AutoCAD 360 — the official AutoCAD® mobile app. Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go! AutoCAD 360 is a free DWG viewing application, with easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools that allow you to view, create, edit, and share Aut...

  • 酷盘 Kanbox 酷盘 Kanbox

    酷盘 Kanbox


    410 valoraciones

    酷盘Kanbox是阿里巴巴集团旗下一款明星网盘产品,可随时在电脑、平板设备、智能手机之间在线同步/备份/分享文件,目前为上亿手机用户提供个人云存储服务。 酷盘直接使用淘宝账号登录!(没有淘宝账号?那亲面壁去吧……) 功能特点: 1.大!绝对大!酷盘提供最大10TB免费云存储空间,相当于600多块16G手机的容量; 2.安全!绝对安全!独特的文件加密分布存储技术,跟隐私泄露说bye-bye; 3.实用!绝对实用!独特的文件...

  • FMR Memory Cleaner FMR Memory Cleaner

    FMR Memory Cleaner

    Fantasmo soft

    10940 valoraciones

    This is different from task killer, frees up memory space using the feature that system kills running apps by low memory killer when available memory is low. This will improve the ease of use. Clean Feature: * Allocates very large memory during...

  • TTPod TTPod



    258512 valoraciones

    TTPod is one of the most successful and popular music players for Android with more than 10 million downloads worldwide. What’s the TTPod powerful features: - High quality decoding with mp3,mp4/m4a,wma,flac and ape; - Built in graphic and c...

  • Call Recorder Call Recorder

    Call Recorder


    8839 valoraciones

    Call Recorder is intended for automatic call recording from the phone line where supported by hardware and kernel. Call recording is a very device specific feature, because manufacturers often don’t implement the required functionality on the s...

  • 触宝电话-免费电话 触宝电话-免费电话



    22720 valoraciones

    触宝电话,超过3亿人的共同选择! 【骚扰拦截】 360度精准识别1.11亿陌生电话,超过35个国家号码归属地显示 【通讯录管理】智能分组,首字母、部分拼音、号码、联系人信息便捷查找 【通话录音】重要电话一键录音 【隐私通讯录】加密重要联系人和通话记录,支持话单无痕打电话,账单无记录 【智能拨号】按字母查号,一点即拨;手势拨号乐趣无穷,画一笔就能拨 【双卡支持】完美支持三星、中兴、华为、联想、酷派等10000多款热门双卡机型 【发现生活】赚钱中心、触宝商城,实惠赚不停,还有精选...