jueves, septiembre 12, 2013 10:21:17

Review: ScatterBrain for iPhone Helps You Keep Your Thoughts Together

Life can be confusing. So much stuff is going on: Things to remember for work or for school, things to do at home, errands to run, and of course, the occasional stroke of genius that will be forgotten forever unless we jot it down somewhere. That's what ScatterBrain tries to help with: It's a simple app for quickly jotting down your thoughts.

Colors Bring Order


Thoughts have colors!

Of course, you can jot down your thoughts just about anywhere, email included. ScatterBrain's claim to fame is its intuitive use of color: Each note can have be assigned one of seven colors, and you decide what each color means. If you wish to make the meaning more permanent, you can also edit each color's name in the settings -- basically turning the colors into plain old labels. In the app's main screen, you can sort by color, and each note has a side band showing its color code. In short, colors run deep in the app.

Notes can also have reminders, and there's a cloud sync option. Rather than use a third-party service such as Dropbox, ScatterBrain uses its own presence in the cloud, ScatterSync.

Simplicity Is Key

There's not so much to say about ScatterSync, and that's a good thing in my book: It doesn't try to overwhelm you with features, bells, and whistles. You just get a simple, straightforward place for your day-to-day notes.

The only thing the app is really lacking is password protection for your private notes, but with the new fingerprint in the iPhone 5S, this may soon become less of an issue.